Apple Boasts 1 Billion iPhone Sales as Part of Its Success

Apple Boasts 1 Billion iPhone Sales as Part of Its Success



Apple is a technology company that has spread across the world. They are one of the biggest companies out there, along with others like Samsung.

It would be surprising to see someone with no knowledge of the company or see a lack of Apple products anywhere in the near vicinity. It is common knowledge that Apple is pretty much everywhere these days. Since 1976, they have regularly released new technology to keep their consumers appeased and attracted to their products. Macs, iPhones, and iPads have become symbols of the company to this day.

The iPhone is one of the more iconic and most popular phones around. In fact, the top three phones in 2017 are iPhone 7Plus, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Consumers often purchase every new iPhone model, which gets more advanced with every release. Phones have become thinner and more fragile since they were first released in 1973. Even so, the reaction to getting an iPhone as a gift is often the same. People get so excited to have the impressive phone that they find themselves unable to express their feelings.

The iPhone has brought in a vast amount of money from its sales. Currently, Apple has sold over 1 billion iPhones. That number and the general price of an iPhone shows how much money Apple has gained from the product. While these sales are a substantial portion of the company’s income, they also sell other products. Additional income comes from products like their computers, Apple Watches, and iPads.

While their technology may seem complicated, Apple keeps things simple enough. Apple is known for their style and ease of use. A vast majority of people can operate an Apple device easily soon after they turn it on. There are young children who know their way around an iPad or iPhone as well as any teenager or adult. This is why they make great presents for almost anyone.

On top of this, Apple is ahead of most companies. They produce their products at a good rate, the time gap does not seem too long until a new phone or tablet comes out in a newer model. Apple lives up to its name of being a high-level technology company based on all of their accomplishments.

Written by Winslow Redmond
Edited by Cathy Milne

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