‘Amelia Earhart-The Lost Evidence’ Examines Her Disappearance

‘Amelia Earhart-The Lost Evidence’ Examines Her Disappearance



A recently unearthed image suggests that Amelia Earhart, who disappeared during a round-the-world flight, survived a crash-landing in the Marshall Islands. The photo, found in the National Archives, shows a woman who looks like the pilot and a man who looks like her co-pilot, Fred Noonan. The information will be discussed in a new History Channel special, “Amelia Earhart-The Lost Evidence,” airing at 9 p.m. ET, on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Independent researchers told History the photo appears genuine and undoctored. NBC News analyst, Shawn Henry, studied the photo and feels certain it depicts Earhart and Noonan.

July 2, 1937, was the last time the pilot was heard from during her attempt to be the first female pilot to fly around the world. Two years after her disappearance, officials surmised she had crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The new evidence leads investigators to believe her bi-plane was blown off course and the pair appears to have survived. The team behind the History Channel special believes the photo may have been taken by someone who was spying on the Japanese military for the United States.

In the 73 years since Earhart vanished, numerous theories have surfaced about how and where she died. According to some of those involved, new discoveries on Nikumaroro, an island in the Pacific, may bring researchers closer to an answer.

During the 2010 expedition of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, the team uncovered some of their most convincing clues to date. While searching a spot where they had previously identified traces of a campfire they uncovered pocket knife fragments, shells that had been pried open and some items that might have belonged to a woman.

After nearly eight decades of searching for clues and following leads, the recently discovered photo may finally send investigators in the proper direction. Perhaps, the mystery will be revealed during the History Channel’s program.

Written by Tynesia Cabil
Contributor and editor, Cathy Milne


NBC News: Amelia Earhart May Have Survived Crash-Landing, Newly Discovered Photo Suggests

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives’ Flickr Page – No Known Copyright Restrictions


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