The Ageing Mom Mentality

The Ageing Mom Mentality



I guess my life actually started when I had my son at the age of 16. I had to get a job, juggle school along with taking care of a kid. I had it easier than some teenage mothers. My mother and my son’s father’s parents contributed in the care of Elijah. Things did get tough for me once my relationship ended with my son’s father. I felt alone in a dark closet.

We bickered and did spiteful things to one another. I soon recovered from our breakup and had to learn to co-parent with him. That became very difficult as I was ageing mentally but he was still in a childish mindset. So, I had to take legal action. I did my research on parental laws and cases.

We spent about four years battling custody issues, which concluded with me getting full parental custody. Going to court on my own and having to present my case to a judge was scary. My first time in front of a judge was awful, my son’s father and I argued then the judge yelled at us. My son’s father had brought out mt bad side, and I had to show him and the judge that I was not at all an irresponsible wild teen mom.

I had to become an adult at a young age. I have owned up to any mistakes I have made and made amends with people I wronged. I just hope my story helps prevent another young woman from aging so fast mentally. It is not that fun to rush growing up. I would like to tell her that sometimes when you are older you wish you could be a kid.

Written by Nicole Thompson
Edited by Jeanette Smith

Featured Image and Top Courtesy of The United Nation’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License