Journalists Find Their Stories Through a Painstaking Process

Journalists Find Their Stories Through a Painstaking Process



Journalists are news and information reporters who write for newspapers, magazines, news websites or TV news stations. It is not easy for a journalist to find a newsworthy story. In fact, it is a painstaking process.

Good journalists are able to spot a good news story. For some writers, stories come unexpectedly and for others the story seems to find them.

Journalists provide information about topics that people want or need to know. When finding a newsworthy story, reporters have to determine if the report has value. A journalist must uncover all of the relevant facts, and present them in a way that holds the reader’s attention.

Journalist have to be sure that the stories they submit to their editors make sense and are interesting to read.

Brainstorming is one of the processes writers use to help them stay on track. It also helps them determine if there is additional information needed to give the reader a complete picture of the story being told.

Journalists focus on providing the reader with the true story. In order to tell a story from beginning to end, journalists must be able to dig deep in the their specific topic.

Reporters work hard to build their reputation and are judged by the community their stories represent. For instance, the movie, “Kill The Messenger,” details Gary Webb’s struggle to inform his readers about the CIA’s involvement in supplying African-American communities with drugs. Some contend that his report was not backed up with credible sources or evidence, which caused many of Webb’s critics to question his report. In one sense, the movie showed its audience how important sources are to a news story.

When sources are provided, readers have access to the information used by the journalist to support their story. This provides the reader with the necessary resources to verify what the author is purporting.

In summary, the mission of a journalist is to tell true and compelling stories that will hold their reader’s attention and keep them coming back for more.

In order to maintain a person’s attention, a news story must be current, informative, and eye catching.

The public counts on journalists to provide a broad range of information from political updates to technology news.

Written by Kayla Burnett
Edited by Cathy Milne


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