James Gordon Acts Urgently Because of a Virus

James Gordon Acts Urgently Because of a Virus



The premise of “Gotham” centers around the people and events in Gotham City. It is a crime ridden city where Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered in front of their young son, Bruce.

Screen Rant reported that in “Gotham” the Court of Owls segment is allegedly coming to a close. Additionally, Season 4 will be even more shocking for the show, because of the resolution of the Alice Tetch virus. James Gordon, Ben McKenzi, will act urgently to stop the virus.

Gordon and other officers were about to apprehend the Court of Owls. However, the Court was quickly disposed of by a stand-in for the League of Assassins, also known as the League of Shadows in other creative works.

Dr. Lee Thompson, Morena Baccarin, infected herself with the Tetch virus and buried Gordon before invading the GCPD station. This prevented Gordon from acting urgently because of the virus.

The Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor, and the Riddler, Cory Michael Smith, are fighting against one another. Villainesses Barbara Kean, Erin Richards, and Tabitha Galavan, Jessica Lucas, are also fighting and their alliance is soon to be torn.

“Gotham” will return for the series two-part season finale on Monday, June 5, 2017. The first episode is titled “Destiny Calling.” The second is titled “Heavydirtysoul.”

Screen Rant also reported that Gordon infected himself with the virus to escape the casket. There are two Bruce Waynes, played by David Mazouz. They both want to destroy Gotham. Hugo Strange’s, BD Wong, creatures have formed an army, which will likely destroy the fictional city.

Early in the series, the new detective, Gordon appeared to have solved the case quickly. However, his evaluation of the murders was not factual. Amongst the fast corruption of the city, Gordon vows to find justice for the young Wayne. Gordon’s sarcastic partner is Harvey Bullock, played by Donal Logue.

The Wayne murders started Gordon’s quest that pitted him against the city’s crime syndicate and corrupt police department. Characters also rose to power as masked villains, such as The Joker. He is currently in Arkham Asylum in “Gotham.” However, the costumed villain has made many appearances in the comics and films.

The Joker’s true identity and backstory are never identified in the DC Universe. The two exceptions are Tim Burton’s “Batman” (1989), and “The Killing Joke,” which is a graphic novel. It was created by Alan Moore.

In Moor’s creative work, The Joker is an engineer at a chemical company. He quits his job to becomes a standup comedian. He then failed in his new profession.

The character then helps several men break into his former place of work. He then trips into a vat of chemicals, which turns him into The Joker. The villain said that the story could be a lie because he usually forgets his past, as well.

The Joker incident happens years after the trials in “Gotham.”  An example of one of the trials was that Gordon acted urgently because of the virus.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne


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