Ava Odom Martin Is a Role Model in Media Communications

Ava Odom Martin Is a Role Model in Media Communications



Window To The World (WTTW) is a PBS member television station located in Chicago. It is a premier public media organization committed to creating and presenting independent, unique television, and digital media content.

Ava Odom Martin, the assignment manager at the station, recently gave St Agatha’s News School staff and its students a tour of the WTTW production facility. She introduced the group to a variety of video, sound, and lighting equipment necessary for the production of professional TV broadcasts. Martin took the time to take the group on a comprehensive tour through the station’s production areas where programs are created and produced. The first stop in the tour was the editing room, where different segments of each show are edited. The tour also took students to the video room, which was lined with clocks because in this room, timing is everything.

Martin’s career stretches over four decades. While attending Southern Illinois University, she studied radio and television production. After graduating, Martin began to build her career in the media entertainment industry. She has been a producer for over 30 years, building professional relationships with high-profile celebrities such as the late Whitney Houston.

Martin began working at WTTW in 2016 and continues to love her work. In a recent interview, Martin expressed how time-consuming it is to be an assistant manager at the station. She intimated that it takes approximately 8-9 hours a day to get her work done.

Serving as an executive producer on various national and local television shows as well as corporate productions she brings professional experience with hands-on expertise, guiding quality productions from start to finish. In the past, Martin worked as a production assistant for well-known reality competitions such as “America’s Got Talent,” and the “X Factor.”

Winning the Gracie Allen, Telly, and Aurora Awards and being nominated for several more, are tributes to her dedication.

Martin is a passionately accomplished broadcast media, television, and video production executive with many successful years in this business. All in all, Ava Odom Martin is a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in the field of media communications.

Written by Damiyah Harris
Edited by Cathy Milne


Facebook: Ava Odom Martin
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Interview: Ava Odom Martin; June 14, 2017

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Ava Martin’s Facebook Page – Used With Permission