Unfairness as It Pertains to Citizens of America

Unfairness as It Pertains to Citizens of America



In life, everyone has experienced seasons that were not fair. Unfairness is when there is a lack of equality or justice. The real question is, “How can Americans come together to stop acts of unfairness?”

One example of unfairness is underscored by the fact that Chicago public schools do not have the necessary tools to improve student education skills.  This caused the Chicago Teachers Union to go on strike, simply to gain justice.

Members of the Chicago Teachers Union, along with parents, gathered outside of City Hall to protest what they believe to be unfairness. Their objective was to urge city officials to approve a $200 million education budget. According to ThinkProgress, the union is frustrated with unfair labor practices with regards to Chicago Public Schools, and they are frustrated with the budget impasse. People might find this not only unfair to students and their parents but also unfair to the city’s hard-working public school teachers.

Another example is, the government shows unfairness to the people who work harder than the ones who depend on welfare. Nowadays, people rely on the government for food, shelter, and even money. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, in some cases, there should be a limit.

With this advantage, people are becoming lazy with too much freedom. They think it is okay to stay home, lounging on the couch while watching TV and eating ice cream, etc. Meanwhile, others are struggling, working hard to take care of their kids, pay the bills, and yet, can barely put food in their refrigerator. This shows unfairness to people who could use some government assistance.

A further example is the President wants to build a wall, which shows unfairness to people in and outside the country. This is important for society to know because it can impact the future in a negative or positive way.

America is known for being a free country where everyone is treated the same and has equal rights. In addition to that, citizens have been born in the country or naturalized later in life. Meaning, everyone in the U.S. was either born or immigrated here.

The question is, “How much power should President Trump have in order to keep immigrants out of the country?” According to Harvard Law Review, those who are privileged to serve as president, or in any role of the executive branch, have an obligation to enhance the fairness and effectiveness of the justice system at all levels. Instead, Trump shows unfairness to his people.

All-in-all, America needs to find a way to end unfairness. People need justice and order to run a successful country. This includes schools, government, and the president. Unfairness could be one of the reasons the world has so much violence.

By Kayla Burnett
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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