What Is Next for Brad Pitt?

What Is Next for Brad Pitt?



On May 4, 2017, Brad Pitt finally opened up about his drinking issue and how he has been since the divorce.

Pitt has not been out in the public since the news broke last fall that he and his wife were getting a divorce. He was also busy working on his new movie airing on Netflix.

However, Pitt has stopped drinking, enjoying his family, and started attending therapy. He said he has been clean for a year now, something he would not trade for the world. He is happy.

In addition to Pitt’s drinking problem, he also had a custody battle over the children. The divorced couple is worried about the attention and media slander that their kids might encounter because of the separation issues.

Pitt does not believe that his career, as an actor, is going to be the same, because he believes that it takes too much time and focus. Filming feels like a cheap pass for him, as a way to avoid those hard feelings.

His career does not work for him anymore, especially since he is a dad. It is something that he believes will always be a part of him but, with the everything going on he just wants his life back in order.

Written by Aerianna Hamilton
Edited by Cathy Milne


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