6.2M Earthquake in Alaska

6.2M Earthquake in Alaska



On Monday, May 1, 2017, a video surfaced of the aftermath from an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 in Alaska, near the Yukon-British Columbia border at 6:31 a.m. PT. The earthquake struck northwest of Whitehorse. A witness to the aftermath of the earthquake recorded the damage and was quoted saying, “The tremors lasted about 10 seconds.”

Although there was not much damage seen on the video, there were reported power outages as a result of the earthquake.

There was talk of the Yukon government wanting to close down one school in Whitehorse for inspection, but Dustin Davis in Carcross said, “Everything can handle a decent little shake.”

Seismologist, Taimi Mulder said, “Quakes are quite common in this area, this one is larger than the ones we typically get.” She also states that this fault is an extension of the Delani Fault, which was the epicenter of an 8.2M earthquake, a couple of years ago.

Three areas other than Whitehorse reported feeling the earthquake, but not much damage was done. Mulder says an aftershock within these areas is possible and could occur for 1-2 weeks.

Written by Trinity Oglesby
Edited by Cathy Milne


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