Sean Spicer Could Take Lessons From Kumar

Sean Spicer Could Take Lessons From Kumar



Kal Penn, of “Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle” fame, now holds the same White House staff position as Sean Spicer. As press secretaries go, the fictional Seth Wright under President Kirkman in “Survivor,” could give President Trump’s lessons on defensive-diplomacy.

In response to Jimmy Kimmel commenting about Penn’s ability to do a better job than Spicer, the fictional press secretary told Jimmy Kimmel:

I watch a lot of Sean Spicer’s press briefings to learn specifically what not to do as a press secretary.

Wright did not want to take the position of White House Press Secretary, claiming he was only a speech writer. Ultimately, he took the job and excelled. When he stands behind the podium or in front of a crowd of hungry reporters, Wright takes command of the room.

Granted, Wright’s performance is scripted, but Spicer can take pointers nonetheless. The real-life press secretary could choose his words more carefully. Perhaps use a dictionary to understand the implications of his vocabulary fully.

Yet Another Verbal Guffaw By Sean Spicer

For example, on April 4, 2017, Spicer told the press corps that the attack in Syria was “reprehensible and cannot be ignored by the civilized world.” By his own admission, the press secretary thinks that countries at war are not civilized.

This was not the first time Spicer used language that was left his meaning up to interpretation. In fact, when he is called out by critics, the press secretary takes a defensive stance. His current guffaw will not go unnoticed.

Sean Spicer Ratings Lower Than the President

The Quinnipiac University poll, released on April 4, indicates that his favorability rating is lower than his boss, Donald Trump but significantly higher than chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

  • Trump: He has a 35 percent job approval rating with 57 percent thinking his success as a leader is lacking.
  • Spicer: 20 percent of the Americans are supportive of his job performance, and 49 percent are not happy with him.
  • Bannon: Only 11 percent of the people who claimed they knew enough about him feel favorable. Whereas, 45 percent do not approve.

SpicerAs Alan Blake for The Washington Post surmises, public relations for the White House is woeful. It must be especially disappointing that the two men who have a significant impact on how the people view President Trump and his all-boys club, with a couple of token women thrown in for good measure, are lacking the approval of the American public.

Sean Spicer Uses Podium Ineffectively

Spicer is the No. 1 man. He is the figurative face and voice of the president and his administration. Unfortunately, the people have noticed his irritation with reporters’ questions, his misused words and phrases, and his attempts to repair the aftermath of misstatements.

One of the Spicer’s go to phrases about verbal guffaws, either his own, Trump’s, or other members of the cabinet, is the words were used out of context. Hence, his claims of fake news.

Instead of losing one’s composure, as Spicer does, perhaps Wright’s example of calm under pressure should be reviewed. Causing any member of the press to be on edge in response to the Spicer’s impatience can have a backlash of negative news.

It is easier to pick apart Spicer’s verbiage when he is less than generous with his attitude. The cycle of negativity will not end until the Trump administration, beginning with the president, starts to foster the good will of Americans.

Spicer is the go-between of the people and the presidency. During press briefings, he is the person responsible for making President Trump appear at his best.

Imagine this conversation

Trump: “Sean, please make me look good out there this morning.”
Spicer: “I will do my best, but you know those vulturous journalists.”
Wright: “Settle down Sean. Donald. I have this covered. If the press gets rowdy, smile gently, and firmly say, that is all for today folks. Then close your notebook, nod, and walk away. Period. That simple, do not let them get to you Spicer, you are in charge of the press conference, your emotions and words. Not them.”

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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