Earth Day Coincides With March for Science Protests

Earth Day Coincides With March for Science Protests


March for Science

On April 22, 2017, the Earth Day Network teamed up with scientists to rally at the National Mall in Washington DC, for the March for Science protest.

March for Science is in support of evidence-based research for the public interest. It is also fueled by opposition, that is spearheaded by President Donald Trump’s environmental and energy policies.

Earth Day is celebrated once a year on April 22, reminding human beings of the amazing planet that allows life to flourish, and takes good care of all who live on it. The day was first celebrated in 1970. And, in 1990, went national, reaching 200 million people in 141 countries.

So, Earth Day would seem a perfect platform for March for science to propel off of, because of its call for environmental protection, understanding the gravity of global warming, and learning how its inhabitants can create more green jobs, technologies, and outlooks.

March for Science is being coined by its organizers as political but nonpartisan. Protesters around the world are standing against Trump’s budget proposal, which was unveiled in March 2017.

The proposal outlined $54 billion in cuts, across government programs, in order to make way for an increase in defense spending. Lydia Villa-Komaroff, the March for Science’s honorary co-chair stated:

It might have been ignited by Trump, but it’s not about Trump. It’s about the importance of science in society and continuing the support for the science community in keeping our edge.

Responses from U.S. scientists are that they, “fear the plan would have a major impact on research and science-based policy.” Also, that, “it would undermine the importance of science in society and limit future innovation.”

Rockefeller University’s Erich Jarvis said, that this is the first time in history that a group of scientists got together to march in the support of science. Jarvis also stated, “something serious is going on.”

As reported by CBS News, March for Science is coming at a time when Americans are becoming more pessimistic about the future of Earth. Saying that only 12 percent of people believe the environment will get better for the next generation, but a larger amount of people, 57 percent, say it will get worse.

Written by Tracy Blake


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