Sheldon Cooper Produces and Narrates Himself

Sheldon Cooper Produces and Narrates Himself



Sheldon Cooper produces and narrates himself in a new sitcom spin-off of the hit show “The Big Bang Theory” titled, “Young Sheldon.”  The new series is set to air on CBS for the 2017-2018 season. It will feature the actor Iain Armitage as the precocious Cooper. “Young Sheldon” shows early genius by the fact that young boy is attending high school at age nine!

The adult Cooper is easily the most popular character on the “The Big Bang Theory.” Most critics credit Jim Parson’s character as the driving force behind the series success.

However, some in the entertainment world are speculating that ‘Big Bang’ is running out of steam. Due to this, it may not last more than two additional seasons. Perhaps having Cooper featured in another series will inject improved ratings for “The Big Bang Theory.”

A few unique features set “Young Sheldon” apart from “The Big Bang Theory.” One is that this will have a “single camera format.” This is a departure from the multiple-camera format of “The Big Bang Theory.” It will be interesting to see how successful the different camera format will play out in the new show. Cooper is in new territory in “Young Sheldon” in more ways than one.

Two facets of this new endeavor present challenges to the actor who plays the adult Cooper. Parsons will be taking on two unfamiliar roles in “Young Sheldon.” First of all, he will be one of the executive producers of the series. Prior to this, Parsons’ role as a producer has been limited to producing two music videos.

In addition, Parsons will also be the narrator of the new show. He will be narrating the comedy “from the character’s perspective as an adult,” according to The Huffington Post. However, Parsons has done nothing in the past where he was the narrator. His closest experience was voicing animated characters on “Family Guy” and “Pound Puppies.” This show where Sheldon Cooper produces and narrates himself is groundbreaking for Parsons.

The success of “Young Sheldon” is going to depend on him succeeding in these roles that are so different from what he does as the adult Cooper. Maybe CBS is confident that he can pull this off, but what about Parsons himself? Perhaps, if he actually had the attitude and intellect of Cooper, he might think the question was beneath him.

Parsons is no stranger to overcoming difficulties and tackling challenges in his career. Like his character, Cooper, Parsons was born and raised in Texas. He began studying theater at the University of Houston and went on to earn his Master’s degree at the University of San Diego in 2001. He, then, moved to New York to seek fame and fortune in acting.

At first, Parsons found it difficult to find work in New York. He appeared in a few off-Broadway plays but doggedly pursued his dream. His diligence was rewarded with an eventual recurring role in the television series “Judging Amy,” and a bit part in the film “Garden State,” in 2004. It would be two more years before his big break came on “The Big Bang Theory,” as Cooper.

How did a relatively inexperienced actor like Parsons land his breakout role? The story says a lot about his ability to handle this, new and difficult, part where Cooper produces and narrates himself.

Chuck Lorrie, the co-creator of “The Big Bang Theory” had originally wanted to cast Johnny Galecki as Sheldon. Galecki ended up in the role of Sheldon Cooper’s roommate, Leonard.

Lorrie said that at an audition for the part of Sheldon:

[Parsons] nailed it from the moment he walked into the room. He nailed it so much, I had to ask him to come back and do it again because I wasn’t sure if he had simply gotten lucky.

The way he “nailed” the character and the way his role, Cooper, has grown and become so loved is revealing. Most of all, it reveals that the future for “Young Sheldon” is looking bright. Parsons’ talent and tenacious nature will serve him well when Cooper produces and narrates himself. Therefore, various sources believe that the audience is in for a treat when watching “Young Sheldon.”

By Daniel Osborn
Edited by Cathy Milne


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