Purdue University Loses to Kansas in Sweet 16

Purdue University Loses to Kansas in Sweet 16


Purdue University

Purdue University lost to Kansas University on Thursday, March 23, 2017, in the battle to win the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) March Madness competition. Although leading in the first half, Purdue was overtaken by Kansas just as halftime approached.

The Purdue Boilermakers were poised, during most of the game’s first half, as they led the Kansas University Jayhawks by eight points. Purdue University’s confidence was quickly killed, as Kansas scored in the last minute of the first half to achieve a seven-point lead, of 47-40, over the Boilermakers. Although Purdue attempted a come-back in the second half, they just could not get up their momentum to win over Kansas.

Purdue University Tried Hard for a Win Over Kansas

No. 4 seeded, 27-8, Purdue University, did put up a great job as they attempted a win over No. 1 seeded Kansas University, 31-4, during the first half of the game. Nonetheless, Jayhawks’ point guard, Frank Mason III took the ball to sink it, scoring three points. This was followed by Kansas’ Lagerald Vick pulling off an amazing steal, 360-degree turn, and dunk, gaining their lead just in time for the second half.

Caleb Swanigan, the Basketball Times National Player of the Year, achieved a win of 18 points as he put up a fitful fight supporting his Purdue University team. Unfortunately, that was no match for Kansas as their star guards, Mason and Devonte Graham, took control to win the game.

Kansas Took Over to Take Win from Purdue University

Although the Purdue University team gave it the old college try, they could not get ahead again during the second half. Once Kansas took over, the Boilermakers did not have a chance.

Even with Swanigan on Purdue University’s side, the Boilermakers did not have much of a probability of winning over Kansas with the Jayhawks strong guards, Frank Mason III and Devonte Graham. Both finished the game, scoring 26 points, to help Kansas University win the game, with a final score of 98-66.

Despite Mason losing the National Player of the Year title to Swanigan, he certainly helped in winning the game for his team, as the two college players battled it out on the court. Mason garnered 26 points for the Jayhawks, while Swanigan trailed, achieving 18 points for the Boilermakers.

The Kansas University’s Mason won on 9-for-11 shooting, with seven assists and seven rebounds. Purdue University’s Swanigan made seven rebounds, a count of four assists, and six turnovers.

Purdue University Defeated Iowa to Make the Sweet Sixteen

Though they lost to Kansas, Purdue University did strike a win by managing to make it to be placed in the top Sweet Sixteen during the NCAA championships. The fourth-seed placeholder won over the fifth-seeded Iowa State, with a final score of 80-76. Undeniably, it was a close and exciting game.

With only minutes remaining, the Iowa State Cyclones had hold of the lead with a score of 69-67. Even with the Cyclones giving the Boilermakers a run for their money in the second half, Purdue University managed to get ahead to finish with an abrupt win. Swanigan proved himself worthy of his Player of the Year title, helping to lead his team to a victory over Iowa.

In fact, Swanigan achieved 20 points during the game with 12 rebounds and seven assists. He did not carry the weight of the game alone. Players, Vince Edwards and Isaac Hass assisted Purdue University in winning the game. Hass added 14 points, with Edwards having 10 rebounds and attaining 21 points. The final score of 80-76, had Purdue winning their spot as one of the Sweet Sixteen.

By Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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