Paul Ryan Optimistic After Another Setback for Trumpcare

Paul Ryan Optimistic After Another Setback for Trumpcare



Trumpcare the Republican version of Obamacare failed to reach enough consensus to warrant holding a vote on March 23, 2017. Paul Ryan pulled the bill moments before the deadline at the behest of President Trump. This is a major setback for both the president and Paul Ryan.

In a moment of optimism, Ryan explained although the motion did not have enough Republican support, the fact is that obliterating Obamacare will remain one of the top priorities of the party. He further advised his colleagues the reflect on the things that they missed when pushing their plan forward.

The decision did not deter Trump from claiming they were extremely close to obtaining enough support for the healthcare bill. In his usual bravado, the president asserted once again the Obamacare would be repealed. Moreover, he placed the setback of Trumpcare squarely on the Democrats.

Earlier this week. Trump joined Ryan and other Republicans in a meeting where he told them to get on board and pass the bill. He even threatened them with losing their seats in 2018. Many of them stated they hoped he was joking.

Trumpcare was supposed to be held to a vote yesterday but it was postponed. The president told Ryan they must replace Obamacare today. Later it was announced the vote would take place between 2 and 4 p.m. ET, today.

The optimism may be displaced since the backlash against, what some have termed Obamacare-light, is unfounded. In order to have passed the bill, Rep. Mark Meadows told CNBC, he thought there were as many as 40 additional affirmative votes needed.

Written by Cathy Milne


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