New York City Site of Stolen Secret Service Laptop

New York City Site of Stolen Secret Service Laptop


New York

Now the New York City site of stolen Secret Service laptop is as storied as the Trump Tower documents it holds. Taken from a vehicle in New York on Thursday, March 17, 2017, was a Secret Service agent’s laptop holding vital sensitive documents. Included in the information on the laptop, are floor plans of Trump Tower as well as documents pertaining to the Hillary Clinton investigation of her email. Other information on the computer includes material regarding national security.

New York Home to Stolen Intelligence

While the car was parked in a female agent’s driveway, at her New York Brooklyn home, a thief broke in to take possession of the laptop and additional items. With video of the scene available to view, authorities have reported that the bandit appeared to get out of a vehicle on Bath Street in Brooklyn, before stealing the items from the agent’s car. On camera, the thief is viewed carrying the backpack as he left the scene.

With New York City being the site of stolen Secret Service laptop, the investigation is progressing. Already recovered are some of the pilfered articles, including Secret Service pins, an agency radio, and a black bag sporting the insignia of the Secret Service. The computer and other documents are being aggressively sought for by authorities, including the New York City Police Department.

Investigators, on the scene in New York, were told by the agent that there is information on the laptop that could be detrimental to national security. Specifically, she did state that her access keycard had been stolen as well. The recovered lapel pins allowed for the agent to gain entry to high-profile security details.

The pins allowed for the authority to gain access pertaining to the protection of world leaders. If they had not been recovered the thief could possibly have had access to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the pope, as well as the United Nations General Assembly.

Little Information Released in New York Theft

With the issue involving the nation’s security and the secret service involved, the New York City police have been given very little information as to the importance of what they are seeking. Although, it has been reported that the laptop holds floor plans with protocols for evacuating Trump Tower in New York. Nevertheless, there has been very little else released pertaining to what exactly is on the device.

Authorities have stated that even though the computer is substantially encrypted, it cannot be remotely erased nor traced. To all appearances, it seems that without the remote expunging or tracing capabilities, information on the computer is vulnerable to being exposed. Cathy Milhoan, a spokeswoman for the Secret Service, has stated an ongoing investigation. She is requesting, “Anyone with information regarding this crime to please contact the New York Police Department and the US Secret Service New York Field Office.”

In a first-time move, a first lady and president are living apart. With Melania Trump opting to stay residing in Trump Tower with her son, Baron, it has given the Secret Service yet another residence to protect. Along with skyrocketing costs to protect the president’s family, including his residence in New York and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL, the Secret Service is also being seemingly spread thin.

Subsequently, estimates are being tallied for the costs to protect the first family. In New York City alone, police representatives are approximating that costs are to cap at $500,000 a day, equaling $183 million a year. Those amounts allow solely for the protection of Trump Tower, home to the first lady and youngest child of Donald Trump.

By Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Featured and Top Image by Chuck Patch Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License

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