Microsoft Revamps Windows Updates and Reboots Fixing Flaws

Microsoft Revamps Windows Updates and Reboots Fixing Flaws



Microsoft has listened to users and is now implementing its biggest ever fixes for its upcoming security update. Skipping a February update, Microsoft concentrated on getting it right in March. Accordingly, the company released on March 14, 2017, its newest Bulletin Summary detailing the many fixes to be issued for Microsoft Windows users going back to Windows 7.

Microsoft Unveils Security Fixes

Concentrating on specifics, Microsoft revamps windows updates and reboots fixing flaws. The company is acknowledging the many flaws in its products with 17 new security bulletins encompassing 135 vulnerabilities. A bulletin has also been included for Flash Player since Windows Update distributes the Flash security patches.

To assist customers in understanding the most important updates, Microsoft lists the bulletins starting with the most imperative fixes. In addition to Windows, the list includes updates for products including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, Exchange, Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, and Silverlight. Microsoft’s security bulletins will be replaced with a new Security Updates Guide in the future.

The fix that should be given the highest priority is MS17-013, Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component, according to PC World. Although this bulletin appears half way down the Microsoft order of vulnerable needs, PC World notes that this is a very important fix. The update will prevent vulnerabilities that are already publicly known, as well as another that is currently being abused.

As the company revamps Windows updates and reboots fixing flaws the biggest users may recognize will probably be will probably be Security Update for Microsoft Windows, MS17-012. Certainly, with users utilizing Windows daily, this update that gives resolutions to known vulnerabilities, will be most important. Notably, the Windows security update will fix specific malicious attacks to the computer’s server.

Suitably, the updates specifically address major vulnerability issues, many that have already been exposed and are being used to wreak havoc. Noted in the first bulletin, MS17-006 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer is the resolution for the browser. The existing Explorer vulnerability could allow an outside source to acquire the protected rights of a current user.

Microsoft to Overhaul Future Windows Updates

Microsoft revamps Windows updates and reboots fixing flaws following many issues presented by users. Certainly, one of the most disputed problems users have reported is the issue of Windows 10 systems updates popping up on computers as they are in the midst of working. These updates have disturbed consumers’ work and quality of life. Windows manufacturer listened and will be implementing new update options in its Windows 10 Creators Update.

Pursuant to calls for help and careful analysis, users will now have control of how and when the Microsoft Windows 10 update will take place. A pop-up will appear on the screen asking the user to pick their time to update. Users will have three options of buttons to choose from; restart now, pick a time, or snooze. The last option will allow for a three-day hold on the update to allow for work to be completed and saved.

Microsoft Details User-Friendly and New Apps

To make the Windows experience more user-friendly, Microsoft will be adding a new icon on the Windows Update Settings page to allow users to easily know if a device is up to date. In addition, users will have an easier avenue in which to choose the privacy settings for devices. Once settings are chosen, using toggle switches, users will be able to easily change them again at any time.

Insiders will begin testing the new Windows 10 Creator Update, known as Redstone 2, this week. Once complete, Microsoft is planning April 11, 2017, as the projected release date for certain devices. All devices should be getting the update by May. Any issues with updates will continuously be worked on leading up to launch. Accordingly, Zero Day Patches are to be issued to repair any problems insiders are presented with. The patches will be fashioned into one update when the Creators Update is released to the public.

Specifically, the exciting new features for Windows 10 are being introduced with the new Redstone 2 update. The hottest feature anticipated is the capability of using 3D. Hence the Edge browser is to support content in 3D. In line with using 3D capabilities will be a new Paint application that will use Windows 10 to create 3D models. In addition, there will be a View 3D Preview app. This app will permit Microsoft Windows 10 users to open 3D models to fully view them in a 360-degree rotation and zooming.

By Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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