Donald Trump Cuts Arts in Budget Plan Announcement

Donald Trump Cuts Arts in Budget Plan Announcement



With Donald Trump’s budget plan announcement, on Thursday, March 16, 2017, the president has caused even more upset. The proposed slash to the arts will affect students, veterans, children and most of the society.

The Trump plan to cut the arts includes removal of four stand-alone cultural agencies. Those agencies include the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Respectively, these organizations provide fundamental components that provide necessary societal needs, especially for education, that will no longer be possible as proposed if Trump cuts arts programs.

Trump Cuts to Arts Detrimental

With the news of Trump cutting arts included in the budget plan announcement, it has become apparent of just how deeply the arts affect all aspects of society. As a result, students who rely on libraries for study materials, Veterans troubled with PTSD who receive art therapy to gain relief, and children and others who rely on PBS will all be hurt deeply in the aftermath of the Trump cuts to the arts.

The president’s arts cuts are a result of his promise during campaigning that he would end federal funding to cultural agencies as part of his cutbacks in government spending. As Trump’s proposed budget ending funding news hit, responses came in attacking the planned actions by the president.

With the slashing of agencies, which date back to the 1960’s, that have become a staple relied upon for necessary education, it is evident why defenders are so passionate. Broadcasters have responded to Trump cutting the arts announcement accordingly.

In a press release statement, Patricia Harrison, the president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPD), expressed her deep concerns with the plan. Specifically, she detailed how the removal of federal funds, resulting from the Trump budget plan announcement, will devastate the CPB, an agency that is the result of Congress creating the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967. Harrison explains that the Trump declaration to cut funding will lead to the eventual complete destruction of roles the agency serves in educating Americans.

An online statement by Jane Chu, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, expressed disappointment in the Trump arts slashing announcement. Chu specifically mentioned how the government funding to the NEA allows for differences to be made to communities in every Congressional District. Goals of the NEA, launched in 1965, involve providing grants and funding to museums, orchestras, agencies and artists to continue arts development. It appears that Trump’s plan could kill the NEA.

Artists React to Trump Arts Cut Declaration

Artists and Hollywood are speaking out in defense of the need for arts funding in light of the Trump arts cut budget announcement. Just as “Beauty and the Beast” opens in theaters, one of its supporting stars, Josh Gad, noted on his Twitter feed how insane it is for the need to defend arts. TruTV’s Billy Eichner used his account to post a tweet to Ivanka Trump about how sad it will be when she must explain to her children about their grandpa killing Snuffleupagus.

In line with the backlash to the announcement, Neil Portnow, Recording Academy President, spoke out in support of the NEA. Thus, Grammy Advocacy noted Portnow’s statement in a tweet. Portnow detailed how the Trump’s declaration is “shortsighted and alarming.” Respectively, he explained how the NEA’s support of the arts is returned with increased jobs and positive impact on the economy, along with “cultural enrichment.”

Robert Redford’s creation, the Sundance Institute, has stated that much of its monolithic success is due to the NEA helping its launch in 1981. Even artists in other countries have expressed how educational the arts are, such as Defx & Welin have with their mural seen in Copenhagen.

In response Trump’s proposal, the 11 arts organizations, that make up New York City’s Lincoln Center, has appealed for the federal government to continue their support of the arts. Voicing how “the arts shapes achievement,” a representative for Lincoln Center continued in a statement, “Jobs in the arts feed families and nourish communities.”

Years before this president, arts have often come into play with proposed cuts for budget plans. For decades, Republican administrations have attempted to decrease art funding, while arts supporters have fought back. Plainly, what is different with cutting the arts in the budget plan announcement that Trump made, is that the U.S., now not only has a Republican president but also Republicans controlling the House and Senate.

By Carol Ruth Weber
Edited by Cathy Milne


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