Breaking News: Impeachment Proceedings Begin

Breaking News: Impeachment Proceedings Begin



America woke to a shocking announcement on April 1, 2017. The reports indicate that Congress is beginning impeachment proceedings against the president. This comes on the eve of a two-week break for its members.

Apparently, they are going to bypass the standard steps established by the founding fathers. The speaker of the house is the one who must begin the necessary steps for impeachment. The whistle-blower did not, however, tell the public what the charges were against the president.

What is he guilty of and when was he convicted? Frankly, the American public may never know. Maybe, the president’s indictment took place in a back-room secret meeting, similar to the time that any other bill is passed behind closed doors.

Those who supposedly serve the best interest of the people play games with the law of the land. The swamp-dwelling politicians appear to believe they are invincible. The 45th president swore he would drain the swamp, but that was simply a campaign slogan. He vowed to make America great again, repeatedly.

As president, he has failed to achieve the promises made before his election, he has tried, however, not successfully. Even though polling agencies report that 85 percent of Republicans still back the president, other stories indicate they are feeling increased disappointment in their man.

It would be natural to feel that way considering the president’s Twitter obsession, which sources say are all full of alternative facts. What did he do to warrant impeachment procedures?

POTUS blames mainstream media for saturating the airwaves and world wide web with fake news. Even if it were true, how is that any different from the president telling lies every time he tweets or opens his mouth?

Some say his presidency is fake, and that everything he has done since the inauguration must be undone. Moreover, impeachment proceedings should begin. His job-approval ratings are lower than his predecessors.

Perhaps, the that is why the impeachment proceedings are taking place only two weeks before Congress takes their break. Are they going to try to remove the thorn in their sides so they can rest easy during the time away from Washington?

Is it possible there is there a deeper, darker reason to announce this breaking news today? Whoever announced that the procedure for the impeachment of the president chose an interesting day. It is, after all, April Fools’ Day.

Satire by Cathy Milne


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