Trump Circus Admission Is Free the Cost Unpredictable

Trump Circus Admission Is Free the Cost Unpredictable


TrumpAmerica thought it welcomed a new president in January, but a circus moved to Washington D.C. instead. Admission to President Trump’s three-ring spectacle is free, but the long-term costs for the United States are unpredictable.

Trump has exhibited bizarre behavior. He appears to need constant attention and does so by continuously citing the “huge, huge, huge number of electoral votes” that secured his presidency.

Under the Big Top Trump’s Fantasies Play Out

TrumpThe axiom which reminds people that the pen is mightier than the sword is the whip in the president’s hand. If he continues to brandish his weapon, he will have signed more executive orders than any other president since Harry Truman.

Even before Trump his inauguration, he announced his re-election campaign for 2020. He is an attention-hound and being out among his fans seems to be what he needs for validation. After four weeks in office, he held his first re-election rally.

During that rally in Florida, he continued his attack on immigrants by citing what he thought was increased violent crimes in Sweden. His assertion was that this rise was directly related to the refugees in the Swedish country.

The Commander in Chief Whines

The president has told the world that the media is against him, that all news is fake and reporters are his enemy. He has demonstrated the subtlety of a rebellious teen who is afraid they might not have a chance to be heard.

TrumpSo, Trump is repeating himself endlessly, pushing his irrational point of view, because he has the world as his audience. During a press conference with the Israeli Prime Minister, POTUS could not resist plugging his fake news agenda. The Prime Minister looked amazed and bewildered.

Here he was speaking to the leader of the United States about the two countries building stronger ties, and Trump used the Prime Minister’s valuable time to voice his fears about free speech.

POTUS Has No Clue

From the African-American History Museum, he took the time away from the reason he was supposedly there. The topic of Trump’s speech centered around anti-Semitism.

TrumpIf the president does not want to accept something, he simply dismisses the subject. Like a child, having a temper tantrum, he spouts – False – Wrong – Fake – Lies – etc.

In fact, Kellyanne Conway supports Trump’s irrational attitude against the press. She told a commentator not to be so dramatic, then proceeded to explain what she called alternative facts.

Trump’s endless ranting against the press began during his campaigning in 2015. He had several reporters ejected from his rallies. Now that he is the CEO-in-Chief of the U.S., he has the global attention on a level he has never previously experienced.

In one hand is his pen and in the other is the internet, where his frequent Twitter posts throughout the day offer readers his sense of absurdity, The responses range from sarcasm, fear, loathing, to disgust, and more. Trump’s narcissism is unmatched. When he sits behind the massive desk in the Oval Office, he seems like a child visiting his daddy’s office.

What are the potential costs of this infantile leader? While it is unlikely to be the outcome Americans deserve, his campaign promises. Even though he spends valuable time telling the public he has. The biggest promise, the one that caused voters to flock to his sides seems to have been forgotten. Trump has not drained the swamp, and the wealthy elite is tearing apart everything citizens trust.

They threaten the First Amendment, removed security measures intended to protect Transgender youth in public schools, and are causing disruption in every way possible.

Republicans claim they believe the states should be responsible for making decisions about their policies. Trump is supposed to be a Republican president but he is not acting like one. Democrats and left-wing radicals are not the only groups protesting POTUS’ actions and behaviors. The GOP Congresspersons are also up in arms with the president’s erratic and irrational behavior.

Opinion by Cathy Milne

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