Melania Trump Is Thought to Be Just an Object

Melania Trump Is Thought to Be Just an Object



Melania Trump is the wife of the POTUS. Her birth name is Melanija Knavs, and she was born in Slovenia. She is the second first lady born outside of America. The wife of John Quincy Adams, Louisa, was the first.

Melania started modeling at age 16 in Slovenia until she was offered a contract in Milan two years later. She modeled in Paris and Milan until she moved to New York in 1996. Some of her photos are believed to be overly revealing.

She met her husband at a fashion party two years after moving to New York. Melania was not interested in Trump at first. As time progressed, a relationship grew. They married in 2005 in Palm Beach, Fla.

Melania only recently decided to stopped modeling. People started to look at the fact she was a model and thought, with the president being viewed as sexist, that his wife is only there as an object.

Demonstrators at the inauguration ceremony held signs that read “Melania if you need help blink twice!” and “Melania blink if you need help!” What those who held the signs might not remember are the numerous times Melania willingly stood by her husband for different things, not only during his campaign but years before.

Melania Trump Stands By Her Husband

In 2011 Melania completely supported her husband when he made allegations that Barack Obama was born outside of the U.S. making him ineligible to be president. She strongly agrees with her husband and his stance on illegal immigrants. Melania says she will be standing by her husband while he is putting his plan into effect for the wall to stop illegal immigrants.

She stated multiple times that she is her own person and people should not feel sorry for her. Melania has told a reporter that she does not always agree with what her husband says and/or does because she is her own person.

Experts’ Opinions On Melania Trump’s Marriage

A body language expert, who is trained by the U.S. Government, examined the Trump’s expressions and felt that Melania Trump is just an object to her husband. The expert, along with other observers, compared the president and his wife, to the Obama’s. In that comparison, she did not see love or passion from the Trumps.

A different body language expert could tell by the way that President Trump and his wife danced that the relationship was unusual, so she diagnosed it as unbalanced. According to the second expert, the president was dancing in a sexual manner with his wife as she attempted to somewhat pull apart as they danced, making it look like she was not interested.

The experts found it odd that when President Trump got out of the car before the inauguration ceremony, he went straight up the stairs to shake hands with the Obama’s rather than helping Melania out of the car or waiting for her.

They also noticed that as Melania joined her husband at the inauguration and he barely acknowledged her. It was pointed out that this was right before the best day of his life began. Experts compared the Trumps to former President Barack Obama, who immediately greeted his wife with love and support.

After the relationship had been reviewed, the consensus was that the president did not care about his wife. Melania is thought just to be an object to President Trump.

By Marrissa K.
Edited by Cathy Milne


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