Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out at Critics

Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out at Critics


conwayOn Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, Kellyanne Conway claims she only made a mistake when giving the alternative fact about the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ instead of just mentioning the town of Bowling Green in Kentucky.

She was referring to two Iraqi men who were caught attempting to buy and ship guns to Al Qaeda. Conway was trying to defend President Trump’s executive order refusing entry into the country from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Conway originally stated the alternative fact that most people do not know about the massacre because it was not covered by the media. Well, it never happened, so the media covering the so-called massacre was not was not possible.

According to Conway, there are several paragraphs in the news each day that focuses on attacking her. However, in this instance, the media is only reporting on another of her alternative facts, because other than there never being a massacre the two Iraqi refugees she was speaking about were set up in a sting by the F.B.I. They were convicted and sent to federal prison. The two men may have gotten into the country, but they were caught before any American soldiers could be harmed.

Conway lashes out at the media for attacking her, but the reality is that if she spouts an alternative fact, which she claims to be accurate, then the media will report the truth. There was more than one alternative fact in her interview with Chris Matthew on MSNBC.

Written by Katherine Miller
Edited by Cathy Milne


Washington Post: ‘I misspoke one word’; Kellyanne Conway calls her critics haters after Bowling Green fiasco

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