Donald Trump’s Attitude About Vladimir Putin Is Perplexing

Donald Trump’s Attitude About Vladimir Putin Is Perplexing



Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Jan. 20, 2017. There are still many doubts about his fitness to serve as the commander in chief. His inability to grasp the idea of Russia’s involvement in the elections is perplexing.

It baffles one’s mind to wake in the morning and login simply to be bombarded with hateful and irrelevant verbiage coming from the president-elect’s month. Trump uses Twitter as his personal clearing-house for lodging petty attacks against businesses, journalists, and mankind as a whole.

His response to the dossier, Russia claims to have compiled, was tweeted in all caps, shouting that the news was fake and it was nothing more that a political witch hunt. Since the Facebook fake news scandal, Trump seems to use that term more frequently; perhaps he is changing his words to keep people coming back.

There have been many times in history when Russia has overstepped America’s boundaries. The behavior of Vladimir Putin and his cronies should not be much of a surprise to anyone who read the news. His treatment of Russian citizens is deplorable and, thanks to the media Trump hates so much, the world is privy to some of Putin’s unreasonable attitudes.

Are Trump and Putin Friends or Not?

The president proclaimed he was a close friend of the Russian leader in Nov. 2015. Then, in July 2016, he tried to take the statement back by saying he never met Putin but continues to state he is a great leader. When debating Hillary Clinton, Trump boasted of his ability to make nice with Putin.

After Trump’s presidency was locked in, he continued to vacillate between whether or not he has a relationship with Putin. He has changed the storyline. He now claims that he would like to respect Putin. Trump seems not to know what he feels or thinks about the Russian leader.

Bill O’Reilly Asks President Trump About Putin

In yet another twist, on Trump’s thoughts about Putin, on Feb. 4, 2017, Fox News released a soundbite from an upcoming interview with the president and Bill O’Reilly.

When asked about the Russian president, Trump explained that it would be good for America to have Putin as an ally. The president further stated that it would be useful to have Russia’s help in defeating ISIS, which Trump contends it the greatest issue facing the U.S.

O’Reilly countered by saying that Putin was a killer. In the soundbite, Trump’s response was perplexing. His quick retort was yes but “we are killers too.” He asked O’Reilly if he thought “our country is innocent.” Yahoo TV wants to understand if he means that “we” as a human race, or does his remark apply to the United States itself.

Was Tump eluding he believes America’s policies and Russia’s are the same when it comes to hateful murderous bigotry?

Vladimir Putin’s Russia

On Jan. 10, news broke that a dossier had been uncovered that shed a negative light on Trump and his relationship with Putin. Supposedly, both had deep ties to one another. Another accusation was that the Russians claim that Trump was caught in incidents of a sexual manner. The report was debunked.

The Russian president’s response to the dossier was to dismiss it completely. Putin said, that Trump really had no need to obtain the services of Russian prostitutes since he was surrounded by women from the beauty pageants he ran. Putin casually added that the women in Russia’s brothels were “undoubtedly the best in the world.”

Accusations of human rights violations against Putin’s Russia are numerous. In Jan. 2015, reports indicate that the President of the Russian Federation ordered rebels to brutally attack citizens of Mariupol, Ukraine. The pro-Russia insurgents fired rockets in a densely populated area. The result of the brutal insurgency, 30 civilians were murdered including women and children. Hundreds more were seriously injured.

Numerous complaints about media suppression and unwarranted arrests for speaking against Putin are commonplace in Russia. The U.S. is not known for these problems, at least within its borders.

However, Trump is using his pen to limit the average citizen’s rights and promises to reduce more rights Americans take for granted. The president constantly complains about the media misrepresenting him and his actions. He has done this so much that 49 percent of the population believes him wholeheartedly. That aside, his apparent disregard of Putin’s reputation is quite perplexing and disconcerting.

Opinion by Cathy Milne


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