Chicago Presents 19th Kids and Kites Festival

Chicago Presents 19th Kids and Kites Festival



Chicago will present their 19th Annual Kids and Kites Festival on May 6, 2017, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CT, at Lincoln Park. The event will take place throughout the park on Cricket Hill, located near the corner streets of West Montrose Avenue and North Lake Shore Drive in Uptown Chicago. Admission and kite supplies are free for all ages. However, town officials encourage residents to also bring their kites due to a limited amount of materials provided for the day.

Kids and Kites Festival

chicagoFor the past 18 years, the city of Chicago has presented the community with tents and tables for the kids festival, in which children can engage in harmless fun decorating and creating their own kites. Several vendors coalesced to provide various arts and crafts activities, balloon creatures, and face painting booths for the day’s event.

This year, if the afternoon weather permits, the Big Candy Drop (a specialty made kite filled with candy) will be one of the most anticipated highlights of the day for Chicago residents. In proximity to Cricket Hill, professionals will show off their talent, skills, and tricks using customized kites alongside Kite Harbor.

We Are Chicago

One of the booths for participants to experience is We Are Chicago. Michael Block, the creator of the adventure game, has developed a virtual world that allows gamers to live a day in the life of an inner-city Chicago youth. It details what they are facing such as poverty, peer pressure to join gangs and to do drugs, as well as other harsh realities and living conditions.

Players can interact with characters as real life scenarios play out. By choosing responses out of a diverse selection of presorted phrases, users can gain the ability to understand the consequences of making certain decisions and learn how to converse rather that engage directly into violence.

The narratives to the multiple storylines are provided by real people who live in neighborhoods with the highest crime ratings in Chicago. This promotes awareness of the possible outcomes that may occur due to the lack of positivity in lives of children living in these circumstances.

Block acknowledges the need for programs and activities for Chicago. He teamed up with two local mentoring programs. All Stars Project and Reclaim Our Kids in Chicago service the area and he has pledged to give a portion of proceeds from the interactive video game to both organizations. These programs help targeted youth in the city daily.

Benefits of Kite-flying

chicagoThe presentation of the Kids and Kites festival is an accessory for youth in Chicago. Children benefit emotionally, physically, and socially from kite-flying. They engage in healthy exercise when walking and running with a kite. Creative minds are encouraged to express themselves artistically when designing their individual kites. Flying a kite is an outdoor activity that requires space, which makes beaches and parks a perfect location for fly-time.

By Jhayla D. Walls
Edited by Cathy Milne

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