Mike Pence Speaks at March for Life

Mike Pence Speaks at March for Life


Mike Pence

Later today, Jan. 27, 2017, Vice President Mike Pence will speak at the March for Life event. In the last few weeks, protestors from around the world were determined to bring abortion rights back into the limelight. Many pro-choice individuals attending these protests argued that a government should not tell women what they can and cannot do with their reproductive organs.

Pence, being a pro-life advocate himself, is expected to speak on behalf of the unborn. Earlier this month millions of protestors gathered for the Women’s March on Washington where pro-choice dominated their concerns. Today, however, Pence turns these views around, emphasizing the rights of every life, including those of a fetus.

Pro-choice promoters believe that aborting an early-term fetus should be allowed. They believe it is a women’s choice whether or not to bring the baby to full term. Today, Pence leaves no room for this understanding while speaking at the March for Life.

Planned Parenthood recently came under fire by the Trump administration. Donald Trump created an executive order to stop all funding to the organization in his first week of office. Pence, Trump’s right-hand man, undoubtedly follows suit and urges everyone to respect all life.

Written by Amy Weins
Edited by Cathy Milne


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