Meryl Streep Takes on Trump

Meryl Streep Takes on Trump



Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) may not be an art according to Meryl Streep, but that did not stop her from taking jabs at Donald Trump as she accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award on Jan. 8, 2017. The Golden Globe Awards was just another platform for Streep to throw blows at the president-elect. Streep took on Trump several times last year.

At the Annual Shakespeare in the Park Gala last summer, Streep looked disheveled, wore a fat suit, a wig resembling Trump’s hair, and orange paint on her face. Then, in August Streep tells The Wrap that she “just keeps thinking, what’s wrong with half of everybody?” when discussing the possibility of Trump taking office.

During the Shakespeare in the Park event, she took on Trump while in character by being a male thug who would use lines from Shakespeare to get the ladies. Surprisingly, this little bout went under the radar, and not many people noticed. Perhaps this is why Streep decided to take another swing at her opponent when being interviewed by The Wrap.

During her interview, Streep does not hit directly at Trump. Her target was those that voted for him referring to them as “the feet. The left foot, frankly. It’s just one bad foot.” This will not be the last time Streep would spar with Trump supporters. Last Sunday may have been the warm-up for the main event to come.

While Streep took on Trump at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony, it also looks like she may be taking on some MMA fans as well. After pointing out the diversity among Hollywood celebrities, Streep shared her opinion by saying that the sport is not an art. Many people have come forward since this statement defending the art of the MMA.

Ultimate Fighting Championship host Megan Livi describes mixed martial artists as being “skilled, hard-working people.” Livi also expresses how she feels Streep was the one being discriminatory.

Mixed Martial Arts promoter Scott Coker tweeted that he was a fan of Streep’s but also a martial artist. Coker went on to invite Streep to attend an upcoming event that will feature many athletes from around the world.

Eventually, Trump took to his Twitter account so that he could hopefully catch Streep with an uppercut by calling her an “over-rated actress.” However, several other celebrities such as Stephen King came to her rescue calling Trump emotionally unqualified to be president for hitting back.

Her issue with Trump seems to stem from him apparently making fun of a disabled journalist, Serge Kovaleski. Trump, of course, denies such allegations and insists he was merely expressing how Kovaleski behaved when confronted about a previous article he had written.

Whatever the issue is between Streep and Trump it does not look like these two heavyweights will become friends anytime soon. Maybe all of these warm ups are preparing both of them for an ultimate showdown. Trump standing in the Twitter corner while Streep occupies stages across America.

By Amy Weins
Edited by Cathy Milne


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