Kellyanne Conway Did Not Always Like Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway Did Not Always Like Donald Trump



Kellyanne Conway did not always like President Donald Trump. She opposed and argued most of what he said publicly. Conway highlighted Trump’s choice of words as “unfortunate for children.” In addition, she requested that he release his taxes.

Evidently, there was a change of heart. Jan. 22, 2017, on ABC’s “This Week” she blatantly told viewers, “he is not going to release his tax returns.” In spite of appearing on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon back in April 2016, saying she “would like to see those be transparent.”

Feb. 9, on CNN’s “Newsroom” with Carol Costello, Conway stated people “will think thrice now when they go into the ballot box.” In like manner, she made an appearance on Costello’s show the very next day complaining how Trump built his empire on the “backs of the little guy.”

At some point, Conway must have dismissed her own thinking. Given that on Aug. 17, she became part of the Trump’s campaign team. He called upon her to take the role as the first woman to campaign for a Republican presidential candidate. Conway continued to serve Trump as a top adviser throughout the campaign. As a result, she is now counselor to the president.

He is currently the highest ranking woman within the Trump administration. She is a senior member of the executive office. Her daily routine consists of strategic decision making. Indeed, Conway’s education and political background prepared her for upcoming tasks related to her new position.

Many argue that Trump’s recently selected cabinet and staff are mostly unfit. However, Conway’s resume indicates she is no dummy. She obtained a degree in political science at Trinity College in Washington D.C. Also, she earned a law degree from George Washington University Law School. In other words, she seems to be pretty fit for the job.

Conway did not always like Trump politically. Regardless, at one point there was some sort of civilized relationship between the two. In 2006, she served on the condo board for Trump World Tower. Since then, she made herself available to offer advice to Trump. Conway is benefiting from this ten-year history between them, as she now councils the president.

Past presidents such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had their counselor’s in charge of their communications department. Of course, Trump has hinted that Conway will take on these demands saying she “has amazing insights on how to effectively communicate our message.” Possibly her own business, the Polling Company, where she pleads with women voters for Republican candidates, is the culprit for such success.

Having an estimated net worth of millions of dollars is not the only thing the counselor and president of the United States share in common. Conway has a history with beauty pageants. In 1982, she was crowned New Jersey Blueberry Princess. Maybe it is the similarities between them that makes it easier to ignore that she did not always like Trump.

By Amy Weins


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