Injured Man in Car Accident Saved by Off Duty Nurse

Injured Man in Car Accident Saved by Off Duty Nurse



A man from Madison, Ala. was in a one-car accident on Slaughter Road and was lucky to have an off-duty nurse from a nearby hospital, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc. (HEMSI). The man was badly injured, and her quick response saved his life.

Witnesses say that the nurse attempted to control the bleeding and comforted the man. She also instructed him to try not to move in case he had major injuries. People and paramedics on the scene said the nurse gave important details to the paramedics about the man’s condition.

Looking at his injuries, paramedics said if it were not for the nurse, he might not be alive. The man is now in recovery.

Most people who see an accident keep driving. Between the time of the accident and when first responders arrive are very important in case anyone is injured.

What could have been a fatal wreck was prevented by one person. Stopping to help even if it is just to comfort someone who was there is important. Comforting someone who could be badly injured could prevent them from panicking.

Moreover, CPR can be a good thing to know, in the case of any accident, where it might be needed. If someone is in an accident, they could go into cardiac arrest in seconds, depending on their injuries. CPR is taught by the American Red Cross and other private companies throughout the United States.

Written by Marrissa K.
Edited by Cathy Milne


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