Donald Trump the Tweeting President

Donald Trump the Tweeting President



Twitter is a social networking service used by multitudes since its launch in March 2006. Three short years later, in March 2009, Donald Trump joined Twitter and since then has tweeted over 34,000. Without any doubt, Trump will become our first “tweeting president.”

Tweets about anyone and everything can be found on Trumps Twitter account. Name calling appears to be a beloved habit of the president-elect. Words such as “sleazebag,” “pig,” and “over-rated” are among the phrases seen when reading the billionaire’s tweets.

The New York Times actually performed an analysis on Trump’s tweets from June to October 2016. An astonishing 281 tweets were found in this short period of time that were nothing but insults to people, places, and even things. During this three month period, Trump the tweeting president posted an insult about every 42 hours.

Some people tend to be the target of Trump’s attention more than others. Hillary Clinton is definitely one of his favorite rivals to attack via Twitter. He certainly has no problem expressing his disdain for her. Crooked, hypocrite and nasty are among the favorite terms used by our philologist president-elect when describing Clinton.

John Kasich, a man who over this past summer was one of Trump’s targets, takes even more of a verbal beating via Twitter. During the campaign, he made every attempt to abase Kasich by posting terms like he is “pathetic,” “a dummy,” and “a total failure.” He even went as far to say that he “will sue” Kasich “just for fun.”

The real estate mogul does not only aim his tweets at politicians. The United States, as a whole, have fallen victim to rants and raves produced through his Twitter account. “Looking so dumb” and “not looking smart” are only a few of Trump’s opinions on the country he is about to serve, for at least, the next four years.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is not safe from the wrath of our soon to be president. The ex-reality star held nothing back when he put out a tweet saying that Schwarzenegger “got destroyed” when the Apprentice aired on Jan. 16, 2017. He then ended his ranting post with a “But who cares, he supported Kasich & Hillary.”

Apparently, Trump has much more to say than Twitter allows per tweet. Many of his tweets end with ellipses implying that he simply ran out of space to finish what he was saying. Also, plenty of his tweets come across as if he is impetuous. Apparently, at times Trump simply tweets without thoroughly thinking through what he is trying to convey.

The Donald is far from finished when it comes to his habit of tweeting. Sean Spicer, our soon to be White House Press Secretary, has announced that Trump’s tweets will continue. Spicer gave an inclination as to why the tweeting president will not stop tweeting, explaining, “He has this direct pipeline to the American people, where he can talk back and forth.”

By Amy Weins
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtsey of Gage Skidmore Flickr Page – Creative Commons License