Tropical Storm Engulfs India

Tropical Storm Engulfs India


Tropical Storm

On Dec. 6, 2016, a tropical weather storm engulfed Bengal resulting in deadly floods, heavy rains, and high winds. Reports indicate people have died in the floods. The railroad tracks were damaged by the tropical storm that created flooding and caused delay problems for trains and transportation.

Closer to the end of last week, over 12 inches of rain was measured. Weather broadcasts covering the tropical storm, show that there is more heavy precipitation and winds up to 50 mph are expected.

Locations that could be affected by a cyclone produced from the tropical storm are Nellore, Chennai, Kakinada, Ongole, and Visakhapatnam. The weather is expected to worsen as it transverses India; the winds could increase to 81 mph.

Thus far, it is unknown which area will be most affected by the tropical storm. The hardest-hit places may endure up to eight inches of rain. Due to tropical flooding and mudslides, there will be traveling delays.

Recently, there has been a 50 percent decrease in precipitation causing droughts in the same location. Odisha, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh are in desperate need of rainfall.

The Public Slate will provide more information on the tropical storm as it becomes available.

Written by Marrissa K.
Edited in Bootcamp Class and by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Christoph Zurnieden’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License