Donald Trump Is God’s Punishment for the Sins of America

Donald Trump Is God’s Punishment for the Sins of America



President-elect Donald Trump may be a punishment from God for the sins by the American populace, theorizes Noam Chomsky, in his book “How the World Works.” Remarkably, the things found true in documents recently released by Wikileaks, are the same things Chomsky has been saying to the Americans for 40 years. No one has listened.

American foreign policy had adopted a politically correct but deceitful approach to world domination before political correctness became a cultural norm. Politicians pontificate about ideals like human rights, raising the living standard, and democratization. The political establishment has always been politically correct when eulogizing and recommending American values to the rest of the world.

However, reviewing the 1948 document by George Kennan entitled Review of Current Trends; U.S. Foreign Policy Planning Study 23 clarifies all doubt. Kennan wrote about how America “deals in straight power concepts” unhampered by “idealistic slogans” in order to “maintain the position of disparity…where the United States has 50 [percent] of the world’s wealth but only 6.3 [percent] of its population.”

Hillary Clinton Understands Political Establishment

It is, therefore, surprising to a student of history and political thought that the American public is in a meltdown over Hillary Clinton’s deceitfulness and email scandal. She is the real American dream and vision. She understands America’s objective and her place and role in the maintaining the world order.

Clinton knows what needs to be done to ensure America remains politically and economically powerful. For example:

  • She knows it has nothing to do with human rights or internal democracy.
  • She is more than willing to sacrifice lives to achieve Kennan’s idea of United States’ position in the world.
  • She also knows how to placate the American people with seemingly good policy positions to ensure the real dirty work is not impaired by dissent at home.
  • Her job description in the power game had been successfully executed, that is, until the release of Wikileaks.

Donald Trump Erroneously Preaches America Is Weak

On the other end of the spectrum are Trump and his “basket of deplorables” who love America’s position of power in the world. However, they do not understand that the chaos they see and hate, has been perfectly planned and executed to make the American dream possible. Citizens love powerful America and her goodness but are shocked to find out how the American establishment actually works.

The people erroneously think America has become weak, and are naively unaware that the rest of the world can also play the game. Trump claims he is the only person capable of making the U.S. great once again.

Trump and his supporters have gobbled up the lie about America’s enemies. These lies have allowed the invasion of the rest of the world, sabotage democratization and industrialization while claiming to save the world. They blame political correctness for the perceived weaknesses of the current American establishment.

Moreover, Trump fails to understand that it is almost impossible to be bad and good at the same time in this age. Those attempting to do so will simply be called out. Information is now freely available and easily shared. A person does not have to be in the U.S. to have access to top secret documents detailing America’s modus operandi.

Results of The Presidential Election

There were two possible outcomes from the result of the Nov. 8, 2016, presidential election. If Clinton won, she would continue the age old strategy of maintaining America’s power position in the world. Trump’s, on the other hand, is more interesting. He will most likely discard all forms of diplomacy and subterfuge in executing America’s foreign policy leading to the weakening of America’s position.

Trump could cause a nuclear war. He may even attempt to use the approaches utilized by the Russians and Chinese to deny some of the U.S. citizen’s personal freedom. Trump will do this to achieve economic strength and to establish strong leverage for dealing with other powers. This approach should not be surprising as Trump’s business history is replete with such examples. His brash approach is sure to bring him into a collision course with other power blocs, who Trump might seek to control and dominate.

For an outsider, the fact that Trump has made this election difficult for both the GOP and the Democrat’s establishment is interesting. Since Trump won the election, there is considerable cause for concern. To paraphrase Genghis Khan, Trump is simply God’s punishment for America. If the U.S. had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like Trump upon them.

Opinion by Oluwatomide Adeoye
Edited by Cathy Milne


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State Department: Policy Planning Planning Study 23 by George Kennen; February 24, 1948

Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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