Day 1 for President-Elect Donald Trump: Time for Reflection America

Day 1 for President-Elect Donald Trump: Time for Reflection America



Americans are either morose or elated with the results of the election. Day 1 for President-elect Donald Trump has citizens, politicians, and media scratching their heads. Looking at the exit polling data, neither candidate had the approval of the electorate. He won the electoral map, but there are still states that have not finished the tallies. At this point, on Nov. 9, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. PST, Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote.

During the long road to the final moment of truth, each of the presidential candidate’s reputations was hung out for the world to see. Unfortunately, each was found lacking in the morals department, and their opponent was unrelenting in pushing the point while overlooking their individual faults.

Though Trump’s mantra was, “We can make America great again,” what he managed to do was drive the division within the country to an extreme. Clinton managed to do her part in creating an ever larger rift. The product of the bitter campaign is a damaged country and a two-party system deeply in need of reconstruction.

Day 1: America’s Healing Begins

When President-elect Trump greeted his supporters to accept his election, he attempted to begin bridging the gap by telling everyone that his presidency will be for all of America. He acknowledged Clinton’s efforts in public service and wished her well.

President Barack Obama congratulated Trump on his victory. As is his nature, he was calm, gentlemanly, and sincere in his desire for the transition of power to be smooth. The president and president-elect will be meeting at the White House on November 10, the first of many meetings to come between now and Jan. 20, 2017.

Secretary of State, Clinton, told her constituents that she was sorry for the loss and grateful for their energy. She explained that it was important to move forward as a united entity to bring about the greater good for America.

Admonishment, Apology, Acknowledgement, Warning

  • To the people who voted for Trump, look at your children, especially your sons, and think about what electing this man tells them about your stand on bullies and disrespect of women. Look at your daughters, and explain to them that America does not care about their self-respect and dignity.
  • To the media, since the moment the candidates began announcing their intent no one took Trump seriously. Most reporters thought the circus had come to town and this ringmaster was merely enjoying the attention. Everyone assumed that he would make noise and go away. The president-elect waded his way through 16 other Republican contenders, which was something no one predicted.
  • Mainstream media remember this lesson. Think about what role media took in widening the chasm within the country. Consider that the coverage of the election cast an odious haze over the reputation of the governing and electoral process of the United States.
  • To America’s foreign allies, America must ask for your forgiveness and patience as the country comes to grip with results of the chaos.
  • To Mexico, the deepest sincerest apologies possible.  Know that at least half of the American people, if not more, do not consider your citizens as evil. While evil exists in any group, it is not prevalent in the society as a whole.
  • To any foreign government or terrorist organization, even though the United States is experiencing some inner turmoil do not think for one moment that the citizens of this great country will tolerate any aggressive action on your part. America will stand tall in its intolerance of aggression against this government and this land.

What Will Tomorrow Bring America?

It is not possible to know all that tomorrow will bring. What is known is that Christianity is this country’s foundation, and it is in the hands of God.

There may be dark times ahead, but with cooperation and faith, Americans will prevail. Strength comes through learning from the lessons of adversity.

Opinion by Cathy Milne

Image Courtesy of  US Embassy’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


  1. It is obvious you are not a Trump fan and I was not either, But, I could never vote for Hillary because she is corrupt and an avid liar!!! Would you rather have a crook running our Country or a strong Man who can turn things around for Americans? Yes, President Elect Trump may say inappropriate things at times but he was “By Far” a better choice than Hillary would ever be. Our Country will be strong again, mark my words. Don’t ever apologize to other Countries or to our foreign allies for our choices… we are a Strong Country, the Best in the World, and, we deserve respect!
    I have lived with a President I didn’t want for the past 8 years but never went to social media to whine, cry, or complain. I find it embarrassing and insulting to see the shenanigans, insults, and downright childish behavior going on right now all over our Country. Start acting like responsible adults and proud American citizens.