Jim Marchant Updates Voters for Assembly District 37 Election

Jim Marchant Updates Voters for Assembly District 37 Election


unnamed-1With the Election only less than a month away, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to update you on my campaign since the primary election in June.

During the past few months, I’ve been attending community events and meetings regarding various issues (see below) that are important to the citizens that live in our district.

Save Education, Save Nevada – With the recent Supreme Court Ruling on ESA (Education Savings Account) being Constitutional and the impressive result in pushing forward a Reorganization of CCSD plan, I’m more hopeful than ever that the solutions for improving the quality of the education system is in sight. The Education in Nevada will now be the “First” in the Nation where parents, teachers, school administrators, state legislators, Education Choice and Empowerment experts all are working together in seeking the best common sense solutions for a better Education system for many generations to come in our state.

Economy and Jobs – I have scheduled a few Policy Luncheons with some local businesses leaders on Commerce Tax. If elected, I will be co-sponsoring a bill to either Repeal the Commerce Tax or Hold It at the current threshold in order to help the small business owner to be able to continue their operations without cutting the jobs.

Consumer Choice Energy Policy – In working with National Energy experts and Nevada Policy Research Institute, I will be sponsoring an Energy bill (if elected) to eliminate the monopoly of NV Energy so that the everyday citizens like ourselves will have the “Free Market” choice in order to Lower Energy Costs for every consumer for years to come.

Guardianship Reform – I am actively participating in helping to improve the “Reform” effort currently in progress with the bill passed during the last session sponsored by Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman (candidate for State Senate District 6) with the support of the Vegas Voice (A Senior Advocate Group). I am also very encouraged that the Nevada AG office as well as the Supreme Court made it a top priority policy to be reformed. It will be an important issue and policy for me to focus on in order to Protect the Seniors if elected.

2nd Amendment – It has been an important issue for me, as well as many of our neighbors in AD37. If elected, I plan to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to help Strengthen the “2nd Amendment so that innocent citizens can protect themselves from criminals”…

Above are some of the top issues we are facing in our community, in order to make our government more efficient and accountable, there are also equally important issues need to be addressed such as: PERS, Prevailing Wages, Collective Bargaining and more…..

It’s important to let me hear from you on these various issues, I look forward to representing your voice in Carson City if elected.
As always, your voice matters, please feel free to call or email me about your concerns on issues that matter to you and your family.

Opinion by Jim Marchant