Email Scandals Surround Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton

Email Scandals Surround Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton



Nowadays, Colin Powell has managed to steer himself back into the news. However, this time, the controversy pertains to the email scandals that surrounds Powell and Hillary Clinton. The retired four-star general was apparently a victim of hacking.  If history recalls, Powell has been there and done that when it comes to the hacking ordeal, just a few years earlier involving a Romanian diplomat.

In 2013, Powell was regularly interrogated about an unexplained relationship with a blonde Romanian representative, Corina Cretu. The humiliation occurred after a hacked AOL email account had been broadcasted all over the world.

The Romanian Connection

At the time, the 45-year-old member of the European Legislature appeared to have a slight obsession with the married Powell of 50 years. In 2011, on the day before Valentine’s Day, Cretu inscribed the following e-mail:

Drink a glass of wine with me, as you used to tell me – it helps me to relax on the sofa …

In another e-mail, she wrote:

I have loved you for so many years and too much. YOU were my absolute love of my entire life…

“Guccifer,” the Romanian hacker, managed to expose these messages on the internet. His real name was Marcel Lazăr Lehel, and he is notorious for a slew of sophisticated computer security violations in Romania and the United States. He aimed at bringing down diplomatic people and destroying the reputations of celebrities. In Romania and U.S., he was responsible for causing scandals among government officials, and other prominent persons such as Powell.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, Powell found himself right back into a hacking war. However, this time, the 76-year-old former secretary of state would not be battling it out with a 45-year old blonde chick from overseas, but a 69-year-old, brown-haired.

The Hillary Connection

Three years ago it was a weak AOL account, but this time around, it was a Gmail account ripped open by a hacking group. Tons of Powell’s private e-mails were exposed.  It spilled some valuable information that uncovered some reported ties to Russia.

Some of Powell’s emails revealed some his private information in which the former Vietnam veteran criticizes Donald Trump, the previous Republican presidential nominee of being a “national disgrace.” The former Secretary of State continued his rant. He reached further with the following e-mail:

He just appears stupid trying to plea to blacks and Latino population.

Powell, far from being shy, did not stop there. He went even further by exposing his thoughts about the Democratic presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton. It appears that the e-mails show that he was not happy at all about the first lady’s position.

Powell attacks his “colleague” in a chain of personal emails throughout the last few years. He expressed that Hillary was a greedy woman and that he would refuse to vote for her. That is not all; Powell disapproves Hillary’s spouse, former President Bill Clinton. In a rant of e-mails, stating that he is still “having sex with bimbos at home.”

On August 23, Powell claims Clinton’s excuse for utilizing an email server a stupid justification:

Dumb. She should have done a “Full Monty” at the start. She was using email when she took over. They put the personal system in the basement a few months later. The dinner was June 16th. She didn’t need any advice or ok from me; she was already doing it. I gave her written guidance on why and how I had been doing it. I warned her staff three times over the past two years not to try to link it to me. I am not sure HRC even knew or recognized what was going on in the basement.

Later, Clinton delivered a statement in response to Powell’s emails where the former first lady said she was not going to waste time commenting on the email hack and offered him compassion. “I’m not going to make any comments regarding private emails.” She said in an interview on The Tom Joyner radio show. “There’s a huge deal of respect for Colin Powell, and I have loads of sympathy for anybody whose emails have become broadcasted.”

The Supposed Lies

However, Clinton mentioned to FBI officials that Powell had told her to use a personal email account when she had the position of Secretary of State. Powel accused Clinton of lying.

According to People Magazine, he blamed the Clinton campaign of trying to pin Clinton’s email scandal on him. Communicating with the magazine, Powell alleged, “To be honest, Hilary was using [the private email server] for a year before I even sent her a memorandum telling her what went on.”

Since Clinton’s email scandal is still hot off the press, Powell criticizes Clinton for his complete humiliation. The email scandals that surround Powell and Clinton are called tragic by many experts. Powell’s private e-mails were entirely legal, whereas Clinton’s are presumed criminal.

It became openly recognized that Clinton back in March 2015, as United States Secretary of State, utilized her family’s private email server for authorized communications. She was supposed to be using email accounts for the official State Department, which were kept on federal servers.

The former first lady said that her use of personal email was not illegal. She insists that it was done in agreement with federal laws and State Department rules and that Powell, did the same thing.

Powell was outraged over her response. He remains angry at the Clinton campaign’s efforts to compare her behavior and email server utilization to his. However, he has decided to move on, stating that at least he knows he did nothing that would get him incarcerated.

By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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