Chuck Smith Virginia AG Candidate Ardently Supports Donald Trump

Chuck Smith Virginia AG Candidate Ardently Supports Donald Trump [Video]



Donald Trump held a rally in Virginia Beach on Oct. 22, 2016, the hometown of Chuck Smith who is the former Chairman of the Virginia Beach Republican Party. During the event, every statewide Republican candidate present was allowed on stage 10-20 minutes to speak to the Rally of over 10,000 Trump fans. However, Smith was only allowed to go on the stage and “wave at the crowd.” This did not dissuade the Smith as he is an ardent supporter of Trump.

Smith is a Republican who is seeking election as Attorney General of Virginia 2017, who is the only Black candidate in the country for Attorney General. When he walked onto the stage, instead of merely waving, he used the microphone to say, “God Bless America,” and left.

Over 200 have taken to Facebook and complimented Smith for his loyalty and courage and stated that this slight is due to Virginia’s government elites who are dis-serving Trump and that is why Smith was left out of the rally program.

Chuck Smith Endorses Donald Trump

To me, Donald Trump represents a new day, a new way and an untried solution to tried and failed policies of the past . . . I hereby endorse Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Introducing Chuck Smith

As an ardent Trump supporter, Smith┬áhas only complimentary statements for the Republican presidential nominee. “No matter what they say, I will vote for Donald Tump!”

Smith has a strong background in service to the United States. He began at age 17 in the Marine Corps-Infantry (0311) and discharged after six years. He then earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Juris Doctorate in Law. Afterward, he received a presidential commission to the U.S. Navy JAG Corps. Smith was both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He also worked as an administrative discharge officer. His overall military service is a combined 26 years, active, inactive, and reserve.

He currently works as a local attorney and has practiced law for over 37 years. Smith’s focus includes Constitutional Law, Immigration, Divorce, Criminal, and Military Law.

Smith has served as Chairman for several Republican units and organizations, including Chairman of the largest Republican Party City group in Virginia, at Virginia Beach. He was a delegate to the Republican National Conventions both in 2004 and 2008. Moreover, Smith, who has served his country all of his adult life, was born on Independence Day July 4th in 1952.

Chuck Smith on the Important Issues

First and foremost is his oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution, against all enemies, domestic and abroad. This promise was made when Smith first joined the Marines and again when he was a commissioned officer in the Navy JAG Corps.

Smith’s Positions:

  • ┬áThe United States Constitution: “I firmly believe that the Constitution is the essential part of our government, our society, and our way of life.”
  • American Sovereignty in United States Courts: American citizens should not be subjected to foreign law interpreting our laws or Constitution. Smith opposed to the U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court.
  • Economy and Jobs: It is vital for Virginia to have leadership working toward developing a bold plan to reduce unemployment, find jobs for its citizens, put people back to work and strive for economic prosperity.
  • Education: The future of Virginia depends on a robust education program. His desire is to see a strong effort to reinvest in the education of America’s youth at the State level, and to create a rigorous school reform policy, ending the federal bureaucracy.
  • Energy, the Environment, and Healthcare Reform:
    1- Smith is wholeheartedly determined to strive for an era of energy independence. Seeking alternative sources of fuel, including wind and nuclear technologies. Off-shore drilling is an option to consider.
    2 – It is important to understand the effect of these fuel sources has on the environment and how to use them best while protecting Virginians and communities.
    3- Healthcare reform is essential, Smith is committed to striving for accessible, affordable care, which uses a free market concept.
  • Public Safety/Supporting Crime Victims: Creating a safer Commonwealth for Virginians, supporting law enforcement, and cracking down on crime are of the utmost importance. “As a former military prosecutor, I understand the sensitivity and seriousness of the impact if crime upon its victims and upon society.” He will work to ensure victims are safe when reporting crimes. Moreover, Smith will push for an increase in penalties for offenses committed by the most violent criminals, and crimes against children, Seniors, and the disabled.
  • Property Rights: In spite of the Supreme Court ruling for eminent domain, he supports the protection of property owners and their rights. He stands against the taking of land for the false premise of public use.
  • The Second Amendment and Mental Health Reform:
    1 – Although Smith will stand firm when it comes to violent gun-related crime, he affirms he will not undo the rights afforded people by the Constitutional Convention.
    2 – “We must stop looking to see mental illness as an excuse to unilaterally change the right of a nation to bear arms.”

Smith will continue to support Trump’s bid for the presidency actively. Once the Republican presidential nominee wins, he will support the President. He will work with the nation’s Attorneys General to help Americans and enforce the Constitutional rights the founding fathers secured to the citizens through the Bill of Rights.

By Cathy Milne


Website: Chuck Smith for Virginia Attorney General
Facebook: Chuck Smith for Attorney General of Virginia
Image Courtesy of Chuck Smith – Used With Permission