Apology Released by Billy Bush After Graphic Dialog With Donald Trump Leaked

Apology Released by Billy Bush After Graphic Dialog With Donald Trump Leaked



An apology has been issued by Billy Bush after an audio recording of him and Donald Trump’s graphic conversation was released. Bush, the television personality, and co-host of “The Today Show,” had to apologize. Trump had to do some damage control himself, releasing the following statement, right after the audio was published.

“This was just locker room talk, a private discussion that went on a lot of years ago,” Trump said. In supporting point, he brought up the former president, Bill Clinton. “I apologize if anyone was offended, but [Clinton] has said far worse things to me on the golf course.”

However, Bush is completely in shock. “Clearly I’m mortified and embarrassed. There is no excuse,” said the Former co-host of “Access Hollywood.” Apparently, Bush feels that since the incident on the audio recording took place eleven years ago, that people should be a bit more understanding. “I was immature, young, and went along with everything, just being foolish.”

According to ABC News, “Access Hollywood” an everyday television entertainment news program, dug through the archives. They were motivated to do this after a story from The Associated Press, concerning Donald Trump’s conduct as megastar of “The Apprentice” turned up. Old archives and footage were found, that were damaging to the presidential candidate.

“I’m very sorry. I was just playing along.” Bush mentions in a statement obtained on E! News. The 44-year-old television host voiced his embarrassment for the chat.  Trump exchanged an illicit conversation about going after a woman that was married. The audio recorded the two exchanging vulgar remarks degrading women.

The incident, took place in 2005, on an “Access Hollywood” bus on the set of “Days of Our Lives.” It seems that neither men knew the microphones on. The recording captures Trump, telling Bush and several others concerning a futile effort to seduce an unidentified woman, expressing, “I tried to move in on her and I was unsuccessful. Trump then goes on to use vulgar language, stating that he tried to have sexual relations with her, but she had a husband.

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