Prince and His Relationship With Drugs

Prince and His Relationship With Drugs



Prince died on April 21, 2016, in his Paisley Park recording studio from a synthetic drug overdose. This revealed the extent of his relationship with drugs few ever knew of.

The stage lights gleam and Prince appears fully in yellow. He is wearing a yellow, v-necked long sleeve piece of clothing that acts as pants as well as a shirt. Its cursive-like design allows circular openings all over Prince’s body. No one realizes what the suit means until Prince pivots round, and two butt cheeks are staring at the crowd.

His outfits changed from his “Purple Rain” days up to his death. He began in a purple and white outfit, which appeared on his “Purple Rain” cover, released on June 25, 1984.

Then Prince moved on to an ensemble of gold pants, a gold long-sleeve shirt with another sleeveless shirt on top. He had a white guitar with a leopard-colored strap, and he wore shaded glasses with a third glass at the center of his forehead. He wore this piece at the 2015 American Music Awards, which was 151 days before his death. People knew him by those fantastic outfits that he always kept fresh.

He had fans like Mary Boyle, a 93-year-old Cleveland woman. She first became a Prince fan a few weeks after the release of “Purple Rain.” Boyle had gone along with her friend to the theater. She said: “As soon as [Prince] came on [the screen], my heart just went [makes whooshing noise]… By the end of the film, that was my guy.”

Boyer was 60 years old then. She saw him 25 times over the next few decades. Boyle has 100 unique T-shirts, 300 different posters, and albums in every format, surpassing 1,200 in number. Nobody can doubt her devotion.

His music, like his style, never took one form. When he became famous, he made himself seen as a promiscuous sex symbol. After a period of time, he reformed his reputation and even married, twice.

Only his rumored rivalry with Michael Jackson remained constant.

Not many people knew of his actions and the world waited to discover what he would wear or reveal next. No one knew that would be a deteriorating relationship with drugs that would result in his death in an elevator.

This truly left the world in shock, like Prince’s other actions. Surging rivers of grief then came from around the globe. The facts of Prince’s true lifestyle pierced the ears of many.

He overdosed on an opioid called fentanyl, according to a source close to the case. Also, the investigators found that he possessed no prescription for the drug. Investigators say they did not know how he took the drug. However, they worked with the theory that he never knew that the pills he took, labeled as hydrocodone, contained fentanyl.

The source said that the autopsy report revealed that there was so much of the drug in Prince’s system that no one could have survived the overdose.

His death occurred less than a week after he experienced an opioid overdose. This caused his private plane to then land in Moline, Ill. On the tarmac, the paramedics struggled to revive him. Eventually, they did revive him with naloxone, often called by its brand name, Narcan, the source said.

These discoveries then led to more thought on opioid usage and deaths it has caused. Sara Sidner reported that the police wear hazmat suits just to collect it. That is because the opioid can easily be absorbed through the skin, and even a milligram of it can have very harmful effects.

The DEA said that fentanyl is available in record amounts from China to Mexico then to the U.S. Dr. Chris Johnson spoke about the relationship people have with these highly potent drugs to the Food and Drug Administration. He did this to warn the FDA about people like Prince that may not even know they have taken the drug.

“Synthetic fentanyl showing up in street drug supply is an enormous game changer. It means anybody who purchases illegal drugs can unknowingly be taking fentanyl, which is 100 times stronger than morphine,” the CEO of Drug Abuse Dialogues, Carol Falkowski, issued.

Despite all these discoveries, Prince’s Revolution honored the celebrity with a three-night tribute. This began on Thursday, September 2. Notwithstanding his relationship with drugs, hundreds of fans still attend Prince’s tribute concerts. There is now a Prince Museum at his Paisley Park home.

By Osveen Funwi
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of Ann Althouse’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License