Officers Suspended or Discharged Over Escape

Officers Suspended or Discharged Over Escape



The Natchitoches Parish Detention Center, in Louisiana, discharged or suspended, without pay, nine of its officers, on Sept. 16, 2016. They did so because three inmates had recently escaped, said Sheriff Victor Jones.

The facility director reprimanded one of the officers due to policy violations, suspended four without pay, and discharged four. The penalties were given handed because of the escape on August 27, according to Assistant Chief of Corrections Roger Henson.

Henson said that their internal investigation revealed that these officers had not aided the escape. Some of the details are still unknown because the case is ongoing.

A statement from the sheriff’s office said that they think that the officers did not follow procedures precisely. The facility acted to ensure the rules will be followed dutifully in the future.

Captain Tony Moran relayed that they are following up on leads daily since the three inmates are still loose. However, they still have nothing concrete at the moment.

The sheriff’s office also said that the detectives on the case are delving into leads which suggest that some people may have harbored or aided the escaped inmates.

The U.S. Marshalls Service’s fugitive apprehension team and the Louisiana State Police are helping the Nachitoches Parish Detention Center locate the inmates.

The authorities have said that anybody, with any knowledge of the case, can call (318)-352-6432, the sheriff’s office, 911, or any law enforcement agency within their vicinity. They also added that the information will be kept confidential.

Written by Osveen Funwi
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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