Kanye West Marriage on the Rocks

Kanye West Marriage on the Rocks



Is there trouble in paradise? Could Kanye West’s marriage really be on the rocks? While divorce rumors are rampant, they still did not stop West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, from showing up at the MTV Video Musical Awards (VMA) on Aug. 28, 2016, looking happy. However, was it real? It seemed that their masks of joy came off as soon as the last flash of the camera stopped.

According to Mirror, West, and his wife appeared to give one another the cold shoulder when backstage after the fun ended. It appeared as though West was happy with his wife. They even hugged each other while sitting together during the show. However, things quickly seemed to change once the VMA Awards came to an end. One would have thought they were not happy with each other by their entirely different body language backstage. This is not the first time West played the love game in front of the camera.

During the red carpet event in May the two appeared to be all hugs and smiles but behind closed doors, West was dealing with some baby issues. Rumors indicate that he wanted to work on baby number three but his wife of two years was not agreeable. The couple already has two children together. However, having another child is out of the question for his wife, especially since she has already had two complicated pregnancies.

Even though West is aware of his wife’s difficult time of having kids, it still did not stop him from continuing to push the issue. Could this be the reason behind the odd disposition of a once happy-looking rapper? Who really knows what is going on in West’s world? This issue alone is enough to cause any couple trouble in paradise and put the West-Kardashian marriage on the rocks.

Backstage, after the VMA Awards, the couple was spotted on camera and they appeared to be more absorbed in their individual cell phones than they were each other.

His wife, still dressed in her thin black dress, with her legs crossed, sat on a chair on the other side of the room, grasping her reliable gadget. West did not seem different, even as he patted the seat signaling for her join him. Kardashian strolled over and sat next to him. She did not give him her attention even though he put his cell phone into his pocket.

Kardashian passed the performer her phone as she appeared to make some alterations on her shoes. Unimpressed he made his exit. The expression on his face looked as if he has a lot on his mind and indeed seemed to be considering the drama that has been unfolding in his life in the last couple of months.

Not too long ago, according to the Daily Mail, West got into an altercation with a bodyguard, who he accused of flirting with Kardashian. Steve Stanulis, 42, father of three, said West fired him just moments after he saw him approaching his wife at a hotel’s Presidential Suite in New York. With baby issues and jealousy problems, it may be no wonder that Kanye’s marriage seems somewhat turbulent.

When viewing their demeanor at the awards, it might be safe to say that this could be a buildup of everything happening between them. It seemed apparent when watching their stale moments backstage that they would not make time for one another.

One might surmise that millions of the rapper’s Twitter followers will be talking about trouble in paradise, whether or not the West-Kardashian marriage is truly on the rocks.

By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Hera Chilloutbreh’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License