Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Square Off During First Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Square Off During First Debate



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off on Sept. 26, 2016, at 9:00 p.m. EDT, on CNN. This was the first of three official debates between the Democratic and Republican Presidential Nominees. The meetup took place at the Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. Tonight’s host was Lester Holt, an NBC News journalist.

Holt introduced the candidates to an applauding audience. He explained that the questions were all his and that the participants were not previously told what he was going to ask. His focus was on, “achieving prosperity, America’s direction, securing America.”

“Trumped up trickle down” was repeated by Clinton several times during the first segment. This was referring back to Ronald Reagan’s economy that, she claimed, put the country into the biggest recession since the 1930s.

When Trump continued to state he would not release his tax returns, he attempted to divert attention from himself and challenged Clinton by saying that she deleted 35,000 emails. He asserted that if she released those then he would let the public see his tax reports. He frequently referred to himself in the first person.

Trump continued to state that stop and frisk policy in New York was successful and was only technically found unconstitutional. However, on Sept. 22, the mayor of the Big Apple, Bill de Blasio responded to The Donald’s claim. He emphatically stated that Trump was wrong, and the policy would make the situation between police and citizens worse.

Whereas, Clinton clearly wants to create a judicial system that does not punish African Americans and Hispanic citizens. She admitted that white people are treated better when committing the same crimes.

When it comes to whether or not either candidate has the appropriate personality to become the President of the United States. Trump said he has a “winning temperament” and it is a “beautiful thing.” He criticized Clinton’s ability to keep her cool, he mentioned that she was behind the curtain and she had lost her temper. Further evidence that Trump brought forward was the negative ads running against him.

Schedule for Presidential Debates

Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri is the location of the 2nd debate on October 9, the format will be a town hall meeting. The 3rd will take place at the University of Nevada, in Las Vegas on October 19. There will be a vice presidential debate on Oct. 3, in Farmville, Virginia at the Longwood University.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) is the entity that sets the schedule. It was determined that each debate would be 90 minutes in length. Each meetup will be moderated by a different person; one per debate. According to the CPD, the hosts are required to submit the questions they intend to ask at least one week in advance.

According to Mic., Trump has made some noise about these debates. He told reporters that he wants to face Clinton but he has to see what conditions are attached to the programs. He reminded them that he renegotiated the debates during the Republican primaries.

Once again, Trump complained: “They were making a fortune on them and they had us in for three and a half hours and I said that’s ridiculous.” He believes that the organizers would be open to his ideas. “because I think they’ll be very fair suggestions.”

Moreover, the nominee clearly stated he would have to see who the moderators are before he agrees. He said that there are definitely people he considers absolutely unacceptable.

However, Clinton explained that it is her intent to participate in all of the debates.

Polls Before the Debates

According to Mic., the Real Clear Politics (RCP) poll between Clinton, Trump, and Gary Johnson completed on Sept. 25, the former Secretary of State garnered 42.6 percent, the businessman had 41.1, and Johnson, a Libertarian, has 7.1. Unfortunately, the last candidate did not secure the 15 percent the CPD requires in order to participate.

Post-Debate Discussion

John Podesta, the Clinton Campaign Chair stated that he believed that the former Secretary successfully won the debate.

18 out of 20 of the undecided voters watching the debate in Orlando, Florida stated that Clinton was clearly the winner. They told CNN’s Pamela Brown that former Secretary of State was; prepared, even-keeled, measured, knowledgeable, and promising. One of those who thought Trump was the winner stated she was predictable.

The CNN poll of the audience present overwhelmingly believed Clinton won the debate. CNN correspondent, David Chalian made a point of saying that there were 521 registered voters who leaned more toward a Democratic stance. The numbers were 62 percent for Clinton and 27 for Trump.

Oct. 3 the vice presidential candidates, Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine will debate in Virginia. On Oct. 9 Trump and Clinton will meet for debate number two in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By Cathy Milne


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