French Alps Cable Car Incident Results in 60 Stranded and 50 Evacuated

French Alps Cable Car Incident Results in 60 Stranded and 50 Evacuated


French Alps

On Sept. 8, 2016, approximately 50 people from the cable car stuck in the French Alps have been evacuated safely. Helicopters are carrying out the rescue efforts, declared Eric Fournier, Mayor of Chamonix. He added that there is nothing to fear about the crisis. Fournier further mentioned that the Italian authorities are helping in the rescue efforts.

Earlier, 110 people were reported to have been stuck in a chain of cable cars over Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps, reported French officials. The remaining 60 passengers would have to spend the night in the cable cars until the rescue operation restarts. Authorities have distributed food and water among the stranded passengers, reported France Bleu, a French broadcaster.

The people trapped in the Valle Blanche are on the cable cars that rises to altitudes of 3,778 meters which is 12,395 feet in the French Alps, disclosed a local police officer who was not authorized to speak.

Valley Blanc has wonderful views of the French Alps which have steep valleys below them apart from glaciers. The cable cars involved run between the Pointe Helbronner and Aiguille du Midi and the journey takes half an hour to complete. The cable car service is functional in summers, during which many tourists and climbers visit the area. The cause of the incident is still unclear.

Written by Abdullah Sultan Usmani
Edited by Cathy Milne


CBC News: 60 people stranded overnight in cable cars over the French Alps

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