‘American Horror Story’ Discovers Roanoke

‘American Horror Story’ Discovers Roanoke [Video]


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“American Horror Story”writers reveal the concept behind its sixth season after a long-awaited series of teasers on the internet. The concept, “My Roanoke Nightmare,”  is based on the chilling true account of the lost Roanoke Colony. Captain John White led a group of Englishmen to Roanoke Island, in 1587. The famous island is now known as North Carolina.

In 1590, Captain White went to England for food supplies. When he returned to Roanoke, he discovered everything was gone except for the word, Croatoan, carved on a tree. The 117 colonists disappeared and no further evidence was left to absolve the mystery. Present discoveries reveal the colonists were possibly killed by Indian attackers or taken into Native American tribes.

Since the Croatoan discovery, archaeologists found English artifacts, such as flintlocks and food jars, in June 2016. “American Horror Story” Season 6 premiere opens with Shelby Miller, played by Lily Rabe, and her husband Matt, played by Andre Holland. Shelby expresses, in an interview, that she and her husband live in their haunted house, in North Carolina.

The opening interview shows reenactments of the couple living in their home, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson. Angela Bassett portrays a character in the past and Adina Porter portrays Matt’s sister Lee. “American Horror Story” revealed a plot of haunting spirits from the Roanoke colony in Season 1.

In Season 1 of “American Horror Story,” the ghosts of the lost colonists were banished from haunting a Native American colony by a character who used the word, Croatoan. Shelby, portrayed by Sarah Paulson, is sent back to the 1500s and encounters the colonial character played by Cathy Bates. When the Millers first arrive, they are encountered by falling teeth, which is immediately followed by an attack.

Discoveries are currently unraveling the possibilities of what happened to the Roanoke colonists. There is the belief of Native American interference, however not much is documented. There is a historical document of the first English child born in America, Virginia Dare. She was the granddaughter of Captain White and the daughter of Eleanor Dare, who were both among the missing settlers.

The word, Croatoan, was related to the name of an island less than a hundred miles away. However, a search made on the island after the disappearance of the colonists was fruitless. Croatoan also referenced the name of the local Croatoan Indian tribe. Years after the loss of Roanoke Colony, the settlers of Jamestown believed that a massacre occurred, led by Chief Powhatan or they were taken in by Indian tribes. The Powhatan Tribe was the first to encounter the English settlers, in Virginia, in 1607.

In 1998, archaeologists discovered that harsh drought conditions occurred between 1587-1589, in Roanoke. This contribution led to another possibility of the settlers’ disappearance. Audiences can watch what “American Horror Story” Season 6 offers as a tale of what happened.

“American Horror Story” provides in-depth character relationships in nuance, romance, and horror in unsettling environments. The show was created in 2011, by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy. Each “American Horror Story” season is a tale spun with fear, irony, with complex and relatable characters.

“American Horror Story” fans hope to explore the kaleidoscope of surprising events, once again in Season 6. Thus far, the audience has yet to see what happens to the Millers, except what was shown in a preview.

The built-up tension driving Season 6 of “American Horror Story” began with a variety of teasers, including spiders, incited torture, an eery couple with their child, and an isolated house in a field. “American Horror Story” continues to entice and intrigue audiences everywhere using these sensational methods to watch the show.

“American Horror Story” airs on FX Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST.

By Andrea Lopez
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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