‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews Inaccurate

‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews Inaccurate [Review] [Spoiler Alert]


Suicide Squad

The reviews of “Suicide Squad” given by comicbook.com and the description posted by IMDb about the movie are inaccurate.

Ultimately, there is only one mission and the Suicide Squad is not offered clemency, as stated by IMDb. The squad members will have 10 years taken off their individual sentences. This is not enough for them to continue to risk their lives for Amanda Waller, who is the director of the Suicide Squad. It is not this fact that causes the chaos, as the movie synopsis on IMBd states, but Enchantress and her army.

The Suicide Squad members are the most psychotic killers that Waller could find. In a meeting, it is mentioned that this is her continued push for the approval of her Task Force X program. The premise behind the team is that Superman is no longer available to help in deadly situations. The need for how to handle the possible arrival of another alien is also discussed. What if this time, it would prefer to destroy Earth and not save the people from harm? The National Security Council needed a backup plan.

It is evident Waller worked extensively to find the members of the Suicide Squad she wanted the council to approve as her supervillain task force. Not all of them were in Arkham Asylum or prison. Some of these supervillains were found with the help of her “contact in Gotham City.” Waller put together detailed profiles of each supervillain and meta-human for her handler. This was to gain access to the council to present her Suicide Squad.

Enchantress is an ancient witch, accidently released by archeologist Dr. June Moone. Once released, the witch immediately inhabited the doctor’s body. Waller has the heart of the witch and can control her. She can also force Moone to allow Enchantress to take over.

When Waller approaches the council with her idea, it is denied. Refusing to back down, she calls Moone to stand with her. Using the witch’s heart, she tells Moone to “do it.” Following orders, she transforms into Enchantress. Then in seconds, returns with plans from Tehran that the head of the council had been unable to obtain. Waller’s Suicide Squad request is granted.

Enchantress revives her brother and is able to steal her heart back. This enables her to overtake Moone. Then, she begins to create her army out of her hatred for humans. It is the combined powers of Enchantress and her brother that allow her to create a machine. Their powers are conducting electricity from the sky and wreaking havoc on the city. This entity is why the Suicide Squad is necessary.

Before their release, members of Waller’s Suicide Squad are injected with an explosive she controls with a simple touch. Each member’s face is on a screen the size of a smartphone and all she has to do is touch the picture of the person she chooses to kill. If they try to run, they die. If they fail to complete the mission, they die.

Captain Rick Flag is in charge of leading the Suicide Squad against Enchantress’ army. The witch is turning anyone who comes against her into her personal army. Enchantress and her brother were once thought of as gods until the human population turned against them thousands of years ago. Their desire is revenge.

Almost all of the members of the Suicide Squad are willing, save El Diablo, whose meta-power cost him his family. Deadshot convinces him to go along but he does not use his power until provoked and then needed. He fears his power of fire because he cannot control it when he is angry. Deadshot takes over Flag’s leadership role, as he keeps getting dragged off by Enchantress’ army. All three times Flag is rescued immediately by Suicide Squad members.

Throughout the movie, The Joker is trying to rescue Harley Quinn, he is even able to deactivate her explosive implant. When Waller is unable to detonate Quinn’s device, she orders Deadshot to kill her. He shoots and she pretends to be dead before she becomes erect in laughter. Deadshot does not kill women or children and responds to Waller with a shrug and “I missed.”

Combative ‘Suicide Squad’ Review:

“Suicide Squad” is funny and full of action, but lacking in comradery, as some reviews have suggested. However, this is not accurate. The squad quickly comes together and Diablo even refers to the group as his family. This truth is the exact opposite of what was written in a “Suicide Squad” review by comicbook.com.

According to IMDb, “Suicide Squad” had a $175M budget, however, it was not enough money to cover Quinn. They could not even buy her underwear that covered her butt cheeks. And even though the audience watches her put a T-shirt on over her bra, it somehow disappears from under her white shirt when it starts to rain. “The New York Times” refers to Quinn’s character as proof that Hollywood is “business as usual.” Sex sells, so they say.

Critical Reviews:

“The Wall Street Journal” refers to “Suicide Squad” as “ugly trash” and “The Atlantic” calls the plot of the movie “lazy.” Comicbook.com accuses the character-driven movie of not creating a squad that works together. Stating they are all in it for themselves. This particular review is full of details that are inaccurate. The supervillains come together well and although they all have varied backgrounds, their common goal is to complete the mission. Their personal desires are not revealed until Waller requests them.

However, it seems these uneducated critics have not swayed the hardcore comic book audience. According to Deadline, “Suicide Squad” has brought in $130M worldwide, in the three days after its release.

Review by Jeanette Smith
Edited by Cathy Milne


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