PlayStreet Chicago Events

PlayStreet Chicago Events



On Thursday, July 28, a 2016 PlayStreet Chicago event was held for children on the 8900 Block of East Burley Street.

A team of cub reporters went into the neighborhood to report about an event that was happening there. Playstreet Chicago had planned a number of events this summer for kids in many different neighborhoods. This one, in particular, was covered by reporters from The News School.

The district police, assigned to the area, were extremely supportive in making sure that the area was safe. 

The cub reporter’s assignment was to interview at least three people involved in the event. With assignment in hand, this reporter began to interview a few people. The first person that was interviewed was a young girl by the name of Saniyah. Saniyah explained that she had been to three other events that have been held throughout the summer. She said she had not seen as many police officers at the last events she had attended. 

Reporters then spoke with news anchor Robin Robinson about the Playstreet Chicago events. She began by saying, she was upset because the police were so quick to arrive at the scene when a young boy’s mother was shot to death. Robinson is the special advisor for community affairs at the Chicago Police Department (CPD). She told reporters that police never came out when there was something positive taking place in the community. The police are always there when someone’s life had been taken. She said it should be very eye-opening to see the police in the community for something positive. Robinson described Playstreet Chicago as a community builder.

The shooting that happened days before this event was horrible to hear. However, the vibe at the event made it seem as if nothing had happened. Everyone there appeared astounded because they were seeing something new in their community. They were seeing young, cub reporters come into the area to develop a story on what was going on there. Many were excited to learn that the reporters were there to interview them.

PlayStreet Chicago had many different activities for the children like a bouncy house, jump rope, basketball, football, and face painting. Chief Noah Sanchez, of the CPD, mentioned that if Chicago had more programs like this, the world would be a better place. More activities for children would keep their minds off the violence and terrible crimes that are happening around them.

The PlayStreet Chicago program was established in 2012. The event was put out so that the children would have something productive to do during the summer. They will be out enjoying themselves in the neighborhood they are most familiar with. This program is keeping the children safe while giving them something to do over the summer that is fun.

Written by Albert Mccaster
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Playstreet Chicago 

Image Courtesy of Griselda Vicario – Used With Permission