The Freedom of Being Boldly Inclusive

The Freedom of Being Boldly Inclusive


Boldly Inclusive

In the Etymology Dictionary, the definition of bold is brave, confident, strong, and frightful. The word inclusive is defined as; to include a great deal or to leave little out. When the two terms are featured together, “boldly inclusive,” we create a model that allows anyone to bravely and comprehensively express their opinion.

Everyone has a voice and the ability to speak and be heard. Allowing people to express themselves comfortably is where the boldly inclusive model comes into play. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides citizens with the right to speak freely. Consequently, people should feel free to express their views boldly without fear or favor. However, in today’s society, the fear of being wrong often leads people to hold back from stating their opinions and ideas.

Boldly Inclusive

Over the last month, my peers and I have had the opportunity to work together, enhance our writing skills, and create a magazine. Our team is made up of different ages and genders with diverse backgrounds and we all have different perspectives on particular topics.

Completing One Summer Chicago

At the beginning of the citizen journalist class named “One Summer Chicago Program,” team members were shy, seeking to understand, and getting to know one another. However, during the weeks of working together, that changed. We began to utilize the boldly inclusive model. This concept helped us achieve our goal of becoming citizen journalists as we completed the required publication assignments, passed two comprehensive certification exams, and together created the program’s first print magazine.

Boldly InclusiveThe process of planning the magazine consisted of joining our ideas to create a magazine title that was not only boldly inclusive but would also reflect our many voices. We listened to one another and made joint decisions. The boldly inclusive model allowed each of us to contribute confidently to the magazine’s design and content. Together we conflated our opinions, thoughts, and ideas, making the task easier and possible to achieve success.

Hopefully, more individuals will be motivated to embrace the boldly inclusive concept as the model that allows people to take a stand for their ideas and incorporate the ideas of others, to accomplish great works while gaining a greater understanding of the world.

Opinion by Jarvis Phillips
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Images Courtesy of Gricelda Vicario – Used With Permission