Radiohead Prepares All of Their Songs for International Tour

Radiohead Prepares All of Their Songs for International Tour



According to Pitchfork, Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead provided a rare interview, in which he discussed the history of the band, including their early days with the rejection of their “James Bond” theme and the preparation of their 2016 world tour. The tour correlates with the release of their most recent album, “A Moon Shaped Pool.”

Greenwood stated Radiohead practiced all of their songs to prepare for their international tour. The band decided to limit the tour to only 60 or 70 songs. Howl and Echoes reported that on Friday, June 17, 2016, a number of independent record stores around the world would be able to participate in an exclusive streaming event that started at 12 p.m. BST.

Greenwood is Radiohead’s keyboardist and guitarist. He estimated the band’s song count to be around 120, which seemed overwhelming for an international tour. At 6 p.m. BST, Radiohead provided an additional two-hour set for their streamed event on June 17. The initial event at noon was a live broadcast, and the second event was prerecorded. These events incorporated all of the band’s songs, in order for the band to prepare for their international tour.

“The Quietus” claimed one record store in London used the live streaming event as an opportunity to pack their store full of customers. The store owner intended to provide the people attending the streaming event with free food and leaked details about the prizes from the raffle conducted during the event. “The Spokesman-Review” stated that Garageland, in Spokane, U.K., hosted the live streaming event at 230 West Riverside Avenue.

The band recorded “A Moon Shaped Pool,” in May 2016, in London. Additionally, the band recorded the album with the London Contemporary Orchestra. The streamed event was limited to independent music stores around the world. Greenwood argued the band really does not have anything to complain about since they are still able to make the kind of music they like and enjoy the process of making the music together.

“Rolling Stone” addressed the recent rejection Radiohead endured after their “Bond” theme song was viewed as “too dark” for the brand. Greenwood implied the rejection of their theme song forced the band to look backward into the evolution of their music. Greenwood discussed Radiohead’s history with Matt Everitt from BBC 6 whom he referred to the rejection as a new opportunity by finishing the song to add to the band’s new album.

Greenwood revealed the band had to make several versions of the songs on “A Moon Shaped Pool,” but interestingly, the band usually ended up choosing the first version they recorded. It is this example that makes it clear how Greenwood viewed the members of Radiohead enjoying the process to create their songs and prepared all of their songs for their international tour.

“Quartz” infers that interviews with the members of Radiohead are rare because they are known to rely heavily on the internet and technology to conduct their sales. The band makes public appearances on their own terms. Radiohead has been involved in the fight against the use of free music streaming applications. In the past, Radiohead members made it abundantly clear they would do anything to ensure their music was not available for free. Spotify is now streaming “A Moon Shaped Pool.” This shows how technology has taken over the music industry. In reality, Radiohead and Spotify must have come to agreeable terms. The band was able to use their streamed event to thank their loyal fans and practice for their upcoming international tour.

By Kristina Lasher
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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