MMA Fighters Battle at Sam’s Town Casino in Nevada

MMA Fighters Battle at Sam’s Town Casino in Nevada



Real Water presents Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), will host MMA fights at Sam’s Town Casino on July 29, 2016, at 7 p.m. PDT, in Las Vegas, Nevada. There will be eight different fights showcased on the fight card, and tickets begin at $25. Lisa “The Black Widow” King will be an announcer at Friday’s event.

The match will feature amateur the Muay Thai style of fighting. Some of the bouts include fighters such as Denise Bruckner, Trent Austin, Shane Shapiro, and Aj “The Dragon” Smith.

The fight card also includes:Nathan Levy

    1. Vladimir Martinez
    2. Ismael Chavez
    3. Bryson Onade
    4. Ruben Castillo
    5. Brian Williams
    6. Todd Jensen
    7. Julius Lopez
    8. Ericka Lockett

During an interview MMA fighter, Ericka Lockett was asked about the reasons why she enjoys fighting. Lockett explained that she enjoyed the training, people with whom she interacts, and the Mauy Thai military-style fighting. She added she is confident that she will take a win for her team, the MMA Octagon Cage Fighters.

D-Road, who is the founder of Club His Hop, interviewed several fighters. The videos can be seen on Real MMA’s Facebook page. During an interview, D-Road told viewers that there is an opportunity to win tickets to an upcoming match scheduled in October.

The winning package includes a VIP Pass and attendance at the buffet. In order to win one must download the app for HIS HOP NATION radio.

Written by Tracy Blake
Edited by Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Peter Gordon’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License