Genocide of Armenians During WWI Still Denied by Turkey and United States

Genocide of Armenians During WWI Still Denied by Turkey and United States



According to “The Irish Times,” the Armenian Genocide involved the killing of over one million Armenians at the hand of the Ottoman Empire during WWI. In the past, governments attempted to link this genocide with the killings during WWI. It is this deception which makes the need for a separate designation of the Armenian Genocide. The “Independent” states the Armenian Genocide should be viewed as the inspiration for the mass killings during the Holocaust and force Turkey to pay for their crimes.

The Ottoman Empire is modern day Turkey. Their economy minister Nichat Zeybeckçi warned of the consequences of isolating these particular killings from the actions of all parties during WWI. He argues that an equal number of Turks and Armenians died.

Germany voted and decided to support the pleas of the descendants of the slain Armenians by identifying the slayings as an official genocide. On June 9, 2016, Hurriyet Daily News reported that Turkey is preparing retaliatory measures against Germany for its betrayal.

The land previously used as the home of the slain Armenians is now referred to as Incirlik. The land is now used as America’s forward air base in Turkey. Incirlik is used as the take-off point for the ongoing American and international battles against ISIS.

There are many Armenians on the list of people who are fighting for the identification of the event as a genocide, but three of them are American citizens. These people are arguing the fact that the event was genocide these people deserve a chance to go back to the home of their descendants.

The genocide of Armenians during WWI is still being denied by Turkey and the United States. The United States has maintained a position of power and authority around the world since the conclusion of WWII. If the United States would be willing to admit that the event is identified as a genocide during the world war, it might mean they would lose a valuable military position in the East. The fact Zeybeckçi is speaking about this international concern, explains the biggest issue facing Turkey will be the financial trouble they will be in, once they are forced to pay reparations for the genocide.

Incirlik is located 7 miles outside of Adana and is the home to 1,500 members, all a part of the 39th US Air Base Wing. This base is officially located on land now referred to as Northern Syria. This has been a hot location in the Middle East in recent years. This adds to the need for the United States to remain in control of this essential location for the continued battle with the Muslim extremists.

The “Hurriyet Daily News” claims, Zeybeckçi rejects the genocide, and feels the accusation has threatened their sensitive relationship, but refused to discuss his possible plan for retaliation. It is difficult to consider what would be a possible retaliation for throwing another country under a metaphorical bus. Germany spent many years discussing and paying for the crimes the Nazi Party committed during 1930s. It was unclear if Turkey or the Ottoman Empire were ever punished for their part in the tragedy of those years. Since Germany took the blame of WWII solely on their shoulders.

If neither government was punished for their participation, it is clear why this continues to be a discussion in the modern world. Several European countries have taken the side of the Armenians and feel it is necessary for the separate designation as a genocide during WWI. This designation would allow the descendants of these people to return to their homeland.

The genocide of Armenians during WWI, is still being denied by Turkey and the United States, but there is room for cooperation between the separate parties. The reality is, even if the United States and Turkey admit the event was a genocide, the United States would still need to maintain Incirlik, in order to protect the Armenians attempting to return to their homeland. Taking land away from Syria does not seem like a battle any country would be interested in particpating. The world has enough trouble dealing with ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Opinion News by Kristina Lasher
Edited by Cathy Milne


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