Donald Trump Alienated Voters

Donald Trump Alienated Voters



Donald Trump has a campaign that might have alienated voters. According to a poll conducted by ABC News from June 20 to 23, 2016, the Republican candidate is down 12 points against Hillary Clinton.

It appears that Trump’s campaign is not at as strong an advantage over his opponent, as he believed. He alienated a big number of voters because he directed his campaign into attacking Barack Obama while a majority of the nation seem to look positively on the U.S. President.

According to ABC News, Trump built his campaign around the thought that a majority of citizens would want to forget the years when Obama led. However according to the June poll, Obama has the highest level of approval since November 2009.

The ABC poll revealed that voters were also concerned about Trump’s principles. Over 60 percent of the electorate believe that the Republican candidate is biased against women, minorities, and Muslims. Voters thought that his comments toward a Mexican judge were racist. Also, more than 60 percent of the Americans with the right to vote have considered that Trump is not qualified for the presidency. Moreover, although he belongs to their party, only 77 percent of the Republicans supported Trump against Clinton in the ABC June poll.

According to the ABC News poll, Trump lost among women voters of all age groups. However, he tied with Clinton amongst the male voters.

Trump Criticized in OhioTrump

On June 27, 2016, Massachusetts’ Senator Elizabeth Warren campaigned with the Democratic presidential candidate Clinton, in Ohio. Besides presenting their strengths and trying to convince the electorate to make a vote that would improve their lives, the female leaders criticized the Republican opponent. Clinton described Trump as “a selfish corporate titan,” who does not care about the American workers. Moreover, Warren considered his slogan to be goofy and mentioned that Trump was the kind of man to “crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants.”

Not long after the women’s speech, Trump reacted in his characteristic style. He called the Massachusetts senator, “Pocahontas.” He said that “Warren is a racist and one of the least productive politicians in the U.S. Senate.” Also, in an interview with NBC News, the Republican candidate accused Warren of being a total fraud about her American Indian heritage.

Not a First in Mocking Native Americans

Although this may alienate the voters, Trump keeps mocking the Native American lineage. According to “Time,” not only did he not take into consideration Warren’s heritage, but he also used racial epithets to the indigenous.

Moreover, this behavior is not a first for the Republican candidate. In 1993, Trump made his most famous statement about Native Americans. He declared that “they (the Native Americans) don’t look like Indians” either to him or the Natives. Furthermore, Trump ridiculed the economic benefits that the Native Americans may have by saying that he “would like to be an Indian if that would give him any advantage.”

However, there was a time when Trump decided not to talk about the subject anymore, considering that it would get him in trouble. Despite that, the 70-year-old Republican candidate started again to state that most of the Native Americans are faking their heritage, according to the “Huffington Post.”

By Bianca-Ramona Dumitru
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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