Boldly Inclusive a New Concept for the East Europeans

Boldly Inclusive a New Concept for the East Europeans


Boldly Inclusive

The Boldly Inclusive concept is new for many of the East European countries. As for decades communism marked its history, the East of Europe has a tendency to be unaccepting of differences and inconsistencies in somebody else’s behavior.

As it is stated by Nikolai Bukharin, communism “is a social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is […] a socioeconomic order structured upon […] the absence of social classes.” So, the East European countries have been taught to live according to some rules, to obey and to fit a pattern. For decades, they have not been allowed to be different, to express themselves freely, through words or attitude. This mentality has spread over time to the new generations, who, although have not experienced the communism, have some of its ideologies well established in their personalities.

For example, in Romania, the Boldly Inclusive concept is new. Boldly suggests courage, a fearless attitude, a reckless pursuit of anything, while inclusive means ample, whole, complete, comprehensive. So, Boldly Inclusive has the meaning of something that is completely brave and has to be done with both responsibility and a fearless attitude.

In my opinion, the Boldly Inclusive concept refers to a situation in which every person can accept that he is different and that others are different too. Being Boldly Inclusive presumes that the world is a better place if it is characterized by diversity and multiculturalism. Also, it assumes a higher level of tolerance due to accepting that a variety of personalities is the key to a greater global society.

Being Boldly Inclusive Is Challenging

Moreover, being Boldly Inclusive means having the courage of showing one’s true self, without hiding under a mask because of what the others may say. The Boldly Inclusive concept involves expressing and sustaining the ideas and principles that one believes in, without fearing that they are going to be rejected.

Inclusivity is something that many generations of the East European countries have not experienced due to communism. People from this region have lived for decades being afraid to speak their minds and to act as they want. They are accustomed to an obedient life, which presumes to respect several rules and act according to an imposed behavior.

That is why the Boldly Inclusive concept is new to the East Europeans. Some of them find it hard to accept the differences in mentality or attitude. A similar situation is happening in the Middle East, where the cultural heritage of the people prevents them from accepting another’s way of living.

From my point of view, the fact that being Boldly Inclusive is a new concept for many places all across the world has something to do with the battles and incidents, which are staining the entire globe with blood. If people learn to accept that there are normal desirable differences that make the world a better and more diverse place, Earth will be a borderless peaceful big country and people will not be controlled by race or hate anymore.

Being Boldly Inclusive has to do with everyone’s inner-self. It is a personal choice that one should take in order to educate himself. If people continue to do what they see in others, inclusivity will remain an ideal utopian situation. Everybody should have the courage to act according to one’s own beliefs; living the life they want without considering what the others may think about them.

Moreover, a world dominated by the Boldly Inclusive concept can grant a peaceful life, sprinkled with lessons and opportunities all across the world. In fact, every person has a lesson to teach others who are open to hearing it. So, let us take a step forward and allow the others to approach, to show what makes them unique and to accept that their characteristics are distinct and interesting or beautiful.

Opinion by Bianca-Ramona Dumitru
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image by Paul Bica Courtesy of Wikimedia – Creative Commons License