Blake Lively Defends Instagram Caption That Sparked Racial Controversy

Blake Lively Defends Instagram Caption That Sparked Racial Controversy



According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, American actress and model Blake Lively, defended an Instagram caption that sparked racial controversy while speaking with Sway Calloway on her Shade 45 radio show. The starlet caused social media mayhem regarding a risky photo and caption that focused on her derriere.

At the May 2016 Cannes Film Festival, following the premiere of “Café Society,” a Woody Allen Film starring Lively and Kristen Stewart, Lively posted a red carpet photo to Instagram. Laced in her Atelier Versace gown, the actress took two photos, one showcasing her face and the other displaying her backside.

The actress captioned the Instagram photo, “L.A. Face with an Oakland Booty.” The phrase Lively used was in reference to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s 1992 hit “Baby Got Back.” The phrase has been embraced by the black community.

According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the caption sparked outrage on social media, claiming that Lively’s caption was insensitive and disrespectful to many women of color. Sir-Mix-a-Lot defended the actress’s Instagram caption, saying he did not see what all the uproar was about.

During the promotion of “The Shallows,” another movie Lively is starring in, the star spoke out about the Instagram caption that sparked racial controversy. Lively defended herself and claimed that she is proud of her body and had no ill-intentions when posting the caption alongside her photo.

The actress defended the Instagram caption that sparked racial controversy, stating that the photo and caption had nothing to do with race but was only supposed to celebrate how much she loves her body. The “Hollywood Reporter” added that Lively was quick to remind women everywhere that although she is proud of her body, she doesn’t look exactly like how we see her on the red carpet.

She went into detail about the corset she was wearing under her Versace gown. Lively admitted to being completely synched inside her clothes. She proudly boasted that she did not look exactly the same once the gown and corset were taken off of her.

Family Life

The 28-year-old actress is pregnant with her second child. Lively has been married to famous actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012.

“US Weekly” reported that Lively and Reynolds debuted as co-stars for “Green Lantern” in 2010 while Reynolds was still married to actress, Scarlett Johansson, and Lively was dating “Gossip Girl” co-star Penn Badgley.

Although the two were only friends at first, it wasn’t long before Reynolds divorced Johansson and Lively broke off her relationship with Badgley. In October 2011, dating rumors began to swirl the Hollywood circuit.

The two stars are parents to 18-month-old James Reynolds and are planning to have a big family. Lively says that although she has a busy lifestyle she always plans to put their family first.

She stated that family is the most important thing and vows to give her children a regular life outside all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. The actress said that although it will be hard she believes children should be able to make their own choices regarding the Hollywood lifestyle. Lively said that Reynolds had a normal childhood and she plans to provide the same for their children.

Upcoming Film

Although Lively is pregnant with baby number two, she has been quite busy promoting her upcoming movie, “The Shallows.” The film opened in theaters on June 24. The movie featured the actress as a surfer who is attacked by a great white shark 200 yards from the shoreline in an isolated location. While the surfer is not far from the coast, she struggled, fighting tooth and nail in order to survive.

Before She Was Famous

Lively was born Blake Ellender Brown on August 25, 1987 in Tarzana, California. She landed her first role as Trixie, a tooth fairy in the 1998 musical movie directed by her father, actor and teacher, Ernie Lively. It wasn’t until 2005; right before she finished high school that the soon to be star got her big break. The actress had landed the role of Bridget in ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.’

After the movie completed Lively went on to finish her senior year in high school where she was a cheerleader, class president and choir member.

Lively is best known for her roles as Serena van der Woodsen on The CW hit drama “Gossip Girl.” She performed in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”and “Green Lantern.”

By Angela Rightout
Edited by Cathy Milne


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